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hi, I just watched 3x20 Olicity sex without BG music lol, I don’t know how many times I watch it, but after this week episode I feel it’s ok to watch few more times hahaha. So it’s only me that when I watch it,I feel like I kinda intrude lol all the moans and all that intimate stuff hahha. it’s not really an ask, but I thought I will share with you

Oh my god, it’s so intimate, anon, so intimate. I just watched it again (and again, and a few more times because why not) and it always strikes me how much I feel like I’m peeping in on someone. Which I guess I am but it really speaks to the kind of scene we got between them. I can’t believe how much we got, it feels like I’m watching something on a different network, and that they took the time to explore the intimacy and love and intensity between them

(One of my favorite moments because you know she’s straddling him and where are the dailies from this scene?!)

One thing that strikes me is that it’s so silent save for the rustling of clothes and the heavy breathing and the moans…

(god the moans like when he’s carrying her over to the bed lord save me), 

… it makes it so much more intimate. Logically I know they’re on a set and they’re filming and whatever but…

It’s also because they wanted it that way, to show how much they are focused on each other, on feeling

There’s only so much you can say and then there’s communicating everything through touch and sensation

i am undone

my soul is on fire all over again

There are over 23 million views of this video alone - 23 million views - aka a bunch of us have watched this thing literally hundreds of times.

Current Progress Update

Huzzah, I have finally finished Zen’s Bad Ends. I now have all his phone calls, CGs, chatrooms, and endings. All that’s left is Yoosung’s last BRE, which I’ll have to start over from Day 2 since I don’t have a save file any earlier than that. I’ll update my Bad End/BRE review post with Zen’s Bad Ends shortly.

After that I might go through the first few days of Jumin’s route again, just because I know I played his Day 5 when I didn’t have my VIP package/the calling cards yet, so I think I’m missing an option or two on some of the outgoing phone calls.

Then… I probably have just about everything in the game? Until we get another route/more content, that is (fingers crossed!) ^^

And actually, I’m curious: would you prefer a V route or an Unknown route, if we were to get just one?


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Do you know what I got from the conversation between Oliver and Susan after what should have been them getting closer? Susan pressuring Oliver to tell her his secrets and Oliver refusing, which is interesting because when Felicity asked why Anatoly punched him he doesn't hesitate to tell her.

Yes, yes, yes.

That, to me, just highlighted how painfully obvious it is that Oliver’s heart isn’t in this “relationship.” In theory, based on everything we’ve learned so far about Oliver and his character growth, he could be more willing to open up to her, to letting someone else in. Yes, he acknowledged his past with her and that it happened (which was part of the episode’s lesson - his past happened, he can’t run from it, but it’s within his control to how much he lets it dictate who he is presently), but he’s also learned a lot about the benefits that can come of letting someone behind the walls. He learned that with Felicity in spades and if he was, in fact, trying to move on and move forward, he could have given Susan something. But he didn’t. He gave her nothing. He gave her his penis and while that’s a generous gift, physical pleasure only goes so far. It’s great, but without emotion or anything to tether them together past that, it’s about as long-lasting as ice cream sitting in the sun. (And the gross sticky mess that’s left afterwards is the opposite of appetizing.)

He didn’t let Susan in. 

He didn’t even try.

He didn’t even sleep with her for a long while. 

(Which, yes, on the surface is a great thing for his character, but I think it’s more a physical representation of his not being willing to let her in.)

Can we just, for one second, talk about how all their interactions last night were crafted like they were following an instruction manual? Susan was all ‘what are we even, Oliver, we haven’t slept together and obviously sleeping together is the box to check before we can call each other anything, who gives a fuck about feelings in any capacity.’ And Oliver’s like ‘I want to take things slow and do things right aka I don’t know what I’m doing and I can’t have the woman I want so I shall spend time with you and not pursue any physical intimacy because my heart isn’t in it - and bonus, you provide a mindless distraction and that’s better than nothing’ But then she basically throws a passive aggressive gauntlet down with their not sleeping together status and Oliver, in his somewhat warped twisting of life advice from people around him, takes the lessons he learned in Russia and proceeds to sleep with her because it’s within his power to move on from his past, to not let it define him, and obviously sleeping with this lady is the answer. (I’m ranting nonsensically, my bad.)

It didn’t feel like he wanted to. It felt like it was the next logical step in their relationship, it was his way of actively “moving forward” and putting his past behind him.

This all comes across to me as Oliver trying, though. It’s important, for him. He’s trying to be better, to do better for himself, which is really what his life lesson is. Susan represents someone whom he can share a life with (she isn’t that person, she just represents the idea of it). He needs to nurture the light within himself before can be the true hero who spreads light and safety and salvation and etc. around as the Green Arrow and that includes sharing the burden, letting people in, etc etc etc. He’s trying, which is oodles better than he ever has before, which means he’s Growing and Learning and becoming A Better Version of Himself.

Unfortunately part of him recognizes that he’s trying with the wrong person, which is why he will never let Susan in completely. Ever. Yes, Oliver has just met Susan and it took Oliver years to finally start opening up about some things to Felicity (and Digg), but despite that, there is a comfort and intimacy level that Susan can never reach with him, not like Felicity has. What makes Olicity so goddamn magical is that they started out as two people working a vigilante life who slowly grew into friends, into partners, into best friends and eventually into lovers (like the earth’s crust rocked when they were admitted their love for the other kind of lovers). Oliver and Susan started dating on very strange terms - he’s the mayor with a sketchy and troubled past who is trying to do better and hiding a secret alter ego and she’s the reporter trying to unearth all that sketchy and troubled and alter ego stuff. That shit barely works in romance novels. I would always be wondering if she has something up her sleeve (and I really can’t wait for Oliver to get slapped in the face with this) and for someone who is already juggling a lot, that’s a lot to handle, even for Oliver Queen. He chose the worst person to try dating. It’s like Oliver’s trying to sabotage himself.

To that end, my favorite part of anything Oliver/Susan last night was definitely the contrast to Olicity.

He chose the actual opposite of Felicity Smoak when he agreed to start “whatevering” with Susan Williams.

It was such a stark contrast, to everything Olicity. It contrasted by showing us how much Felicity knows about him as a person, how much he knows about her as a person, how deep their tie goes by his noticing something is off with Felicity (which is fabulous because without Rory there to actually see what Felicity was doing, nobody would have been the wiser, that’s how good she is at covering herself right now… except Oliver knows something is off). Last night highlighted the nature of Oliver and Felicity’s relationship, that at the base of it they are still the same friends they were before they got together, they are still the people they turn to when they need help, and that kind of bond is unbreakable.

The Susan bits went on to prove her purpose against Oliver, as well as showing that Oliver is doing what he can to continue growing as a person, both important things.

(Of course, his real growth will only be fully realized later with Felicity when he saves her from her darkness as she has for him countless times. Last night cemented their endgame status more than everything ever for me.)

Long ramble short, I very much agree.


So last week I had my first test in microbiology and to let y'all know that yes I’m still crazy I figured I show y'all the highlights of me trying to entertain myself while making sure I passed. Enjoy 😊
@tezariah @hetaliamaster @amclaudan @theyugiohfanartistwritersblog if y'all want a laugh 😂

Happy Sastiel Saturday! (Ok I fucking hate that I couldn’t do something better, but here’s a rant)

These guys care about each other so much. Castiel wants to heal Sam, wants to make his pain go away. But Sam wants Cas too save his strength, to use it on someone who “really needs it.”

Knowing that Sam is selfless and wants to help others more than himself, he also wants Castiel to be safe and not hurt himself, hence the SELFLESS part.

I hate when people say that Sam doesn’t care about Cas (we all know who I’m talking about). Not forgetting about other times when Sam shows genuine concern for Castiel’s health and wellbeing, it’s clear here that Sam CARES. He wants Castiel to be safe as much as Cas wants Sam to be safe.

And that’s why I ship it. The amount of genuine concern and selflessness in this ship gives me life.

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Well, as usual I have a lot of things to say and not enough space in your ask box, so I'll try to shorten. This anon's request is awesome : bring out all the beautiful Olicity love moments to erase this infamy, the kisses, the fics, ALL OF IT. And I had a very cold winter morning until I read your gif-answer to it, thank you Bre, I feel all warm and optimistic suddenly, and I have a lot of Olicity feelings ! Have a nice day, C. ;-)

Yay for warm and optimistic, C! I needed it myself. I’ve been struggling with some personal stuff lately, stuff I used to use Olicity to battle, so looking back and remembering why I love Olicity helps buoy me, especially through this season (which I know will be amazing when I look back and see everything Oliver and Felicity went through to get back to each other… it’s just getting there).












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GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 5′4′’
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FAVORITE BANDS: VIXX!!!!!!!, Marianas Trench, Panic! At The Disco, The Cab, Fall Out Boy, The Neighbourhood, The Vamps, Maroon 5
SONG STUCK IN YOUR HEAD: Chained Up - VIXX (It’s in my head aLL THE DAMN TIME)
LAST MOVIE WATCHED: Monsters University! I rewatched it with some of my online friends 
LAST TV SHOW WATCHED: Friends (I think?)
WHEN DID YOU CREATE YOUR BLOG: IDK I just checked my archive and it says May 2014?
WHAT KIND OF STUFF DO YOU POST: I say I’m an anime blog, but I literally spam VIXX LMAO so anime/manga + VIXX & other kpop groups
WHEN DID YOUR BLOG REACH IT’S PEAK: Uhh well I’ve just been a random tumblr that reblogs stuff and doesn’t attempt to talk to people, but I think that I’m reaching that peak now that I’m finally talking to some of my fav blogs. Still an unknown blog but whatever I don’t really mind
DO YOU HAVE ANY OTHER BLOGS: no I can barely handle one tbh
WHY YOU CHOSE YOUR URL: Brekineee because my name is Bre, I’m a Yukine enthusiast, and that’s our ship name! with two extra e’s for no reason lolyou all probably think I’m weird now omg
POSTS: 18,968 holy crap are you serious
POKEMON TEAM: I don’t play Pokemon -waits to get hit-
FAVORITE CHARACTERS: YUKINE!!! (Noragami), Yuno Gasai (Mirai Nikki), & Megumi Tadokoro (Shokugeki no Souma)
WHAT ARE YOU WEARING RIGHT NOW: A white sweater with pugs and jeans ;D
DREAM JOB: Something involved with video/film editing
DREAM TRIP: New York & just about anywhere in Europe tbh

I feel like all of the blogs I want to tag have already been tagged…? So whoever wants to do this tag, go ahead!

Black Writers Club

So I low-key feel like we have this black writers club on tumblr. Which too dope. You guys inspire me to be great and challenge me to be better. I read the stores like man I hope my stories are half as good as what you guys do. Salute to all of you and I appreciate you as well.

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I know i may have missed a few writers but salute to my Tumblr circle.

  • Girl on date: "So, who're you?"
  • Morty: "Oh, I-I'm Mor-"
  • Girl: *Stuffs bread-sticks in bag and leaves*
  • Rick: "I told y*Uuurp*ou it wouldn't work. The girls only want the bread-sticks, not you Mor*Burps*ty"
  • Morty: "Aw j-jeez Rick, why're you taking all the bread-sticks too?"
  • Rick: "For god sakes Morty, w-we're in a bre*belches*ad-stick meme. Y-you know, those things that losers on the internet make for shits and giggles."
  • Morty: "W-what? Ric-"
  • Rick: *Puts hand over Morty's mouth* "Sh-shhhh, Mo*OR*rty, you see it all started when a guy was on the internet- a lonely bastard that wanted a date- and bread-sticks! And that's how the meme came to be."
  • Morty: *Stares for a few seconds* "..what?"
  • Rick: "J-ju*UUU*st take the bread-sticks Morty, quick before someone catches us."

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would you please follow my best friends? we have been trying to get your attention all summer and you’ve liked some of my posts, and you even liked one of kendra’s that i reblogged! but you still don’t follow them :(

i just know it would mean the ABSOLUTE world to them if you followed. and kendra, bre and I will see you in october in fargo! (erica will be studying abroad in england with her own adventures and won’t be here for the concert unfortunately..)

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thank you so much taylor! we love you!

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okay so like i didn’t hit like a milestone or anything but im feel very loving rn and i just wanted to make a list of some of my favorite mutuals and y’all should all message me and everyone else should go follow them

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OFBB Fic MasterPost

Hello all! Here’s the masterpost for the 2015 Olicity Fic Big Bang. Listed in alphabetical order, each story is marked either Complete or WIP, as of today (1/17/16). Each title contains a link to the story on AO3.

***Authors, if you notice your fic is missing from the list, please contact an admin to have them update the list! Thanks!

- A Favor For Felicity - sidhe_faerie [complete]
- All Blue Skies - anddirtyrain [WIP]
- An Unexpected Gift - akaHAZZAP [WIP]
- Angel Eyes - anddirtyrain [WIP]
- As Our World Falls Apart - writewithurheart [complete]
- Better Than I Know Myself - VeganTargaryen [WIP]
- Caught A Long Wind - geneeste [WIP]
- Connected Souls - Eternal_Olicity [WIP]
- Forever Is Composed of Nows - so_caffeinated & Bre/dust2dust34 [WIP]
- Ghost of Jupiter - juliesioux [complete]
- How To Be A Heartbreaker - anythingbutplatonic [WIP]
- I’m Only Me When I’m With You - felicityollies/smoakenarrow [complete]
- Miss Congeniality - dettiot [complete]
- Never Planned on Someone Like You - jenndoeDMC [WIP]
- Old Wounds - adubbs47 [complete]
- Only Lovers Left Alive - YellowFlicker [WIP]
- Present Tense - punchdrunkdoc [complete]
- Shadows of Our Hearts - arrow_through_my_writers_block [WIP]
Small Things and Big Plans: How They Started Their Summer of Love - hotcookinmama [complete]
Some Day Your Heart Will Be Fearless - avatardy [WIP]
- something inside this heart has died (you’re in ruins) by entersomethingcleverhere [complete]
- The Darkness Within - geniewithwifi [WIP]
- The Librarian’s Daughter - fiacresgirl [complete]
- The New Normal - RosieTwiggs [WIP]
- The Sweetest Thing - djchika [WIP]
These Games We Play - nikkibeckettcsm/CSM [WIP]
- This Is Your Sword - ash818 [WIP]
Unable To Stay, Unwilling To Leave - NerdyAddict [complete]
- What Lies Between Us - jsevick [complete]
Writing’s on the Wall - imusuallyobsessed [WIP]

Thanks so much to each and every author, artist, beta, and cheerleader who participated in the OFBB. Without you, we wouldn’t have these 30 amazing Olicity fics to help us through the hiatus (3 days left!) We hope to see each and every one of you again, the next time around!

I also want to thank the awesome, amazing, extraordinary @so-caffeinated and @djchika for their work on this. You two are the best!

Me at Amell on any given day:

And then I remember, wait, this guy is incredibly kind and giving and thoughtful and talented and…

Yes, yes he does know there is more than being ridiculously good-looking. He hangs out with fans, he does charity work, he talks with everyone, he’s so nice!

He knows.

And then I get upset all over again because excuse you.


TAYLOR! I know we still plan to take a picture of the four of us in our outfits once Brenna gets here tomorrow night, but this will do for now!

  @kendraleigh02, @brebergstrom, Brenna, and I are seeing you MONDAY IN FARGO! All four of us are in section 46, but Brenna and I are in row P, seats 13 & 14! And Kendra and Bre are sitting in row M! 


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I am in awe. I don’t know how or when or why this happen. I started this blog about 2 years ago.  And it was just five months ago that I reached my first thousand. And still I never imagined I’d reach this many followers. I guess that’s just power of Delena. But I want to thank you all for making tumblr what it is. For making my blog what it is. I love you all so much.

Special Shoutout to my loves: Alex and Bre I love you girls so much. You don’t even know. 

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hey lovelies! so I recently hit 500 followers and i’m so happy that i thought i would do a follow forever

the goddesses of all goddesses

breeerps​: Bre baby, you’re my best friend and one of the most talented writers I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. Ily so much and I’m so so so grateful to have you and your selfless, wonderful, kind, and beautiful personality in my life. You’re the absolute best person. I also think you’re part faerie or some shit too. I also miss you a lot tbh.

annasrps​: You’re a goddess sent from heaven above and I really hope you know that. You’re actually such a great partner. You are so wonderful to write with and headcannon with and I love all the cute stuff you make for our charries. You’re so great and I love you so much.

roseredwrites​: Astoria, you’re a queen. I honestly think that you run your own kingdom somewhere and you just don’t tell any of us. Seriously. But also you’re SUCH AN AMAZING PARTNER.. I know we’re kind of slow in getting our plots going but they are some of my favorites. And I love you.

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