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I love that we finally got to see them actually exchange I love yous. And then Oliver does his little Felicity headshake. These two will be the death of me.

I mean…

Going from this:

Where they were preparing for the worst, preparing for never having the chance to say it again, needing the other to know because it might be the last time..

To this:

To Felicity’s beautiful, genuine love for this man - that feeling of ‘this sucks, but he’s here, he’s with me, every bit of the way’ is heard in each syllable. He’s there for her, on her side, always by her side, supporting her… everything she’s been doing for him since long before they were together. This is what she’s craved in her life, a partnership, and he’s giving her that, he’s there.

And Oliver, who would find a way to do anything for her, no matter what, who gives that little head shake because it’s like a physical emphasis on the words. He can say them until the end of time but those few words won’t ever fully encapsulate what he feels for Felicity Smoak, and what he’d do for her.

I love my OTP.

In each of the above pairs, the first word is the preferred American spelling; the second word is the preferred spelling in British English.

Learned” can be both the past tense of learn and an adjective that means “educated, scholarly.” In that case, it’s pronounced [LUR-nid], e.g., At Berkeley, Henry tried to emulate his learned [LUR-nid] English professor.

If you’d like to see what other words are spelled/spelt differently between American and British English, read this article.

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Omg idk if ur taking prompts or not but I would love if u could write a one shot or something of like felicity finding out about william from her dad and her and oliver fight and break up :( (it hurts but ANGST!!!!!!)

“You… have a son.”

Felicity stared at the pictures on the table. Every few seconds they blurred, the images running together in a messy mosaic of color before she blinked the tears away, and then she saw them again. She saw Oliver in a park with a little boy; Oliver at a house, a beautiful house, sitting on the porch steps with the little boy as a young woman looked on with a quiet look on her face; Oliver grinning as the little boy jumped in the air to reach his hand for a high five; Oliver… with his son.

His son.

He was quiet. He’d been quiet since he walked into the loft, talking about the campaign and how Palmer Tech’s sudden infusion of life in their stocks was reflecting in the polls… he’d walked over to her, not looking at the table, his hand falling on her shoulder as he kissed the top of her head…

When she’d stiffened, her eyes slipping shut… that was when he’d seen them.

Oliver sat across from her, staring at the pictures, looking like he was in just as much shock as she was.

He swallowed. “How…?”

His voice was rough, and she didn’t have to look up to know he was fighting tears himself.

“Does it matter?” Felicity asked. 

Her finger drifted out, touching the corner of one of the photos, of the one where he’s clearly talking to the woman as he plays with the little boy… the woman who was obviously the kid’s mother.

How old was he? Nine? Ten?

“Was it your dad?” Oliver asked quietly.

Felicity closed her eyes, her shoulders falling with exhaustion. “That is so beyond the point, Oliver.”

“God, Felicity,” he breathed, leaning his elbows on the table, burying his face in his hands before looking at her again, his eyes red. “He’s trying to drive us apart, that is all he’s been doing, ever since-”

“No,” she said sharply, cutting him off. Her voice carried through the loft. She shook her head in disbelief. “Oliver…

“You have a son.” 

A tiny incredulous laugh slipped past her lips. She looked back at the photos.

“Were you even going to tell me?”

“I wanted to.”

“But you didn’t.”

“I… I couldn’t. Samantha asked me not to.”

“Samantha,” Felicity repeated, but Oliver went on.

“She told me I couldn’t see William…”


“… if I told anyone - anyone, Felicity - about him, because she didn’t want… my life here to… to… taint his.”

“Oh. Right,” Felicity said slowly, nodding. “She didn’t want your life here tainting his… Yeah, I guess I could see that. I mean, because lying is so much better than telling the truth.”

“I didn’t lie to you.”

“Oliver, all you’ve been doing is lying to me. How… how long…” It hit her and a shocked noise fell from her throat. “Central City. When we went to Central City, you were different. You were different, and you said you were going to check something out.” Felicity stared at him. “This. This is what you were checking out.”


He didn’t hesitate.

“All this time, all the trips to Central City, when you were supposedly helping Barry…” Felicity paused. “Barry knows.”

“Yes. He… he helped me with the paternity test.”

“Oh wow.” Felicity pushed away from the table. “Wow. Wow.”

“Felicity…” he said, standing up, moving to step around the table to follow her but she held her hand up and he instantly stopped.

“No,” she said, taking a shaky breath, her mind spinning out of control. No, it wasn’t out of control, it was… empty. It was like her head was filled with white noise, nothing but white noise, empty white noise. “I think… I think you should… not be here, right now.”

“Felicity,” Oliver breathed and when he moved towards her again, she caught the thin shimmer of tears in his eyes but she just shook her head. He stopped again, clenching his jaw.

He didn’t leave.

For the first time since her dad had shown her those photos, she felt something:


“Oliver, please,” she said, closing her eyes as she pushed herself back, away from him. “I really want to be alone.”



After a moment, a long heavy moment where nether of them moved, neither of them spoke… they barely breathed.

He finally took a stuttering breath… and then he turned away from her, his steps barely audible as he made his way to the door, opening and shutting it so quietly it was like he’d never been there as he left, leaving her alone.

Be My Steady [Prince of Stride]
  • Be My Steady [Prince of Stride]
  • Galaxy Standard


Be My Steady

~full version~

By: Galaxy Standard:

  • Suwa Reiji [cv: Miyano Mamoru]
  • Okumura Kaede [cv: Toyonaga Toshiyuki]
  • Senoo Tsuku [cv: Suzuki Tatsuhisa]
  • Mayuzumi Shizuma [cv: Hirakawa Daisuke]
  • Mayuzumi Asuma [cv: Ono Yuuki]
  • Chiyomatsu Bantarou [cv: Eguchi Takuya]

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Spent the entire episode yelling "EMILY BETT RICKARDS, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!" inside my head. Hats off. Standing ovation. What a performance tonight!

Okay, so did I. She more than exceeded my expectations for her scenes with her “hallucinations,” she was phenomenal. I felt both of them, distinctly, and that is such a credit to EBR for playing such a well-developed and multi-layered character as she does. She’s made Felicity human, and that is the most amazing thing ever.

You see two different characters here:

You can see the fear in Felicity here, the fear that she’s right in this scene, that she isn’t who she’s been these last few years and that her entire life is going to go down the drain because of that choice. And then there’s goth!Felicity, who represents who she was before, when she was outwardly strong and confident and so, so sure of who she was and what she stood for.

The main difference, that thing that Felicity realizes at the end of this episode?

She’s still that Felicity, except better because talk about masks, hot damn. Felicity is more than strong, more than confident and more than sure of who she is and what she stands for, except where before it was more of a shield to the world, now it’s who she is now.

You saw that entire evolution through this episode.

We are so insanely blessed to have Emily Bett Rickards playing Felicity, wow.