brdg art

By the way, I bought KH 358/2 manga and read it up so fast! I loved the contrast between the personalities of Axel and Saix. If they were a manzai comedy duo, Saix would be the tsukkomi and Axel would be the air-headed boke!
I wanted to draw a cute picture with them last night, but it turned into me trying to remember how to make art with the computer! I knew how to do this once…


I doodled Fate/ Zero things a lot during my summer school class! Its certainly been my favorite series to think about these past few months. I really love all of the characters, even the ones that are meant to be disliked.
LancerXSaber is my OTP, but I think I must have mentioned that the last time I drew them haha!
The image with Kariya seems pretty non-specific, but its from a dream I had where his path required him to travel with Sakura by his side. In this moment he says something like, “think of me as your knight. Okay, Sakura-chan?" It doesn’t make much sense if thought about logically, but it was great to see him get his chance at acting as a father figure to her. In my dream, they rode on a train together and had small conversations. I think Berserker must have been a different class, for it to have worked at all.
As for the last image, Gil and Kerei make me laugh more often than not.