brba s2

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BrBa S2. Saul sees Jesse sketching so he asks him if he wants to paint the back wall of Saul's office. Jesse takes some convincing that Saul believes his art is good enough, but agrees. Every night Saul comes out to see how he's getting on, always awed. When it's finished Saul puts a hand on Jesse's shoulder and squeezes. "It's good, kid. You oughta be proud of that." and Jesse melts a little inside. He sees in Saul's eyes that he's telling the truth.

awwwwwww that’s so fucking sweet. i love it. jesse needs to get a chance to show his creative side!!

after the painting is done, saul takes jesse out to dinner to celebrate. they go to a pretty nice restaurant and jesse is clearly uncomfortable with all the attention being given to him. so halfway through the meal saul says “hey, kid, you wanna get out of here?”

jesse nods and they get their food in to go boxes and get back in the cadillac. saul asks jesse where he wants to go. jesse just shrugs. saul takes them back to his office. jesse asks what they’re doing here and saul just shrugs and says it’s pretty peaceful there at night when no one’s around. they go in and sit on the couch together, drink the fancy whiskey that saul keeps around for special clients

what happens next is up to you