Saul’s Suit #25: The Attitude Adjustment

Suit #25: “The Attitude Adjustment”

Breaking Bad S4E3, “Open House”

“Now you just sit back, relax, and let a professional take over.“

“Two words. Nail. Salon.”

Why is this among the top five Sexiest Sauls? I don’t know. It just is, okay. Pink? Gold? Brown? All at once? I mean, why not? Saul’s French cuffs are too tight and bunched up. His hair looks almost normal, until you see that it’s not. He’s wearing Cuban heels. Maybe I just love watching Saul brainstorm crimes with Skyler? He looks simultaneously competent and ridiculous—and that’s just Saul in a nutshell.

Most important accessory to this outfit: Huell.

Another observation: Saul always wears reds, pinks or purples when going to meet Skyler, without exception.

Costume design: Kathleen Detoro




(Additional tl;dr thoughts on Walt below)

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Saul’s Suit #26: The Paddle

Suit #26: “The Paddle”

Breaking Bad S4E4, “Bullet Points”

“Yeah, you do seem to have a little shit creek action going.”

“Goose egg. Bupkis. That’s what the cops got.”

In this scene, Walt is complaining that he’s the only person who seems to be behaving with any professionalism, but meanwhile, Saul is looking pretty darn professional to me in dapper dark gray, royal blue and burnt orange. His French cuffs even fit properly for once. The strong, dark colors lend an air of seriousness to their conversation. We see a return of the damask striped shirt. This is the first time that Saul suggests Walt disappear himself and his family—which would certainly mean one less giant headache for Saul, albeit less money. The cinematography in this scene shows Walt looming larger than life in Saul’s office like a shadowy monster, filling the screen.

Below, a look at the use of blue and burnt orange in other key scenes of the episode, including the orange of the Pollos Hermanos labels inside the blue freezer truck, and Hank’s burnt orange shirt in his blue-lit bedroom when Walt encounters Gale’s karaoke video—one of the most devastating moments of TV I’ve ever seen.

Costume design: Kathleen Detoro





I love that man more than you know. He’s one of my closest friends. After the final day of shooting, we got matching tattoos of the BrBa symbol [the show’s logo] and the next day Bryan sent me a text saying, ‘I miss you already.’ -Aaron Paul