brb: swooning

Swooning ((part 2))

Finally made it guys! I am so sorry you had to wait this long though my writing isn’t that good anyway. But thank you for being patient!

Warnings: Uh… a little bit of profanity? that’s about it

Word count: 1082

He had been after you for weeks now. And you had no idea why. And it wasn’t just how you played it with him this time. After that pesky James Potter and Peter Pettigrew had engaged Black in quite the dare, a dare that revolved highly around you. He had seduced you. That seemed to be the aim of the whole big thing. The reason he still followed you around Hogwarts and stopped you in the halls. Why you had still caught him staring during class and why he ran after you when you walked away. But you wouldn’t let him speak, and he never could catch you. No, he couldn’t win this. You were not going to let that boy hurt you even more with cruel words you had expected. Telling you how you’re an idiot for even believing he would like you, the words you told yourself upon every night before tears coursed their way down your cheeks like a steady stream down to your pillow.

You had meant to block it from your memory but truthfully you were never able, you still thought of him daily. His hands, his scent, his lips. The way it had felt when he was pressed against you when his hands moved over your back, hips, ran through your hair so passionately. You thought you had felt something. You still hoped to believe it but all you had been was a dare and you must believe that. You must feel it you must know it. Though his leather jacket you no longer possessed. Black and large, heavy and thickly coated in his smell and whiskey. It laid now at the bottom of a lake never to be seen again. You remembered the tears streaming down your face as if they would raise the level of the lake itself.

For so long you had managed to avoid him. But only so long of hanging around with Lily could make that happen before James Potter neared in on her, and James Potter, always brings associates. You had avoided the traps of Sirius until this point, you had made a stupid mistake, and now you were trapped. After politely requesting to obtain private use of a classroom for extra studying, who would have known that Black would find out. You hadn’t heard him come in but you heard a voice so similar to his, but light and sweet, almost shy. Eyes shot up to stare at him confirming dread before moving to look for an escape only to come up empty handed. He stood in front of the closed door looking down at his feet, lacking a jacket. When he finally looked up at you, he seemed scared but wary, like you were a deer he’d caught in the woods and he must move slowly so as not to make you run away.

“Y/n, just hear me out”

“Why the hell, should I have to listen to you Sirius! After what you did!” you screamed shoving your papers into a bag ready to try the last resort of getting out the door he stood in front of. “I know! I know I fucked up just listen” he pleaded

“Why!? Why should I have to!? Give me one good reason!” shouts left your lips as you attempted to barge passed him, his hefty body barricading the only exit path.


Halting in your tracks you stared up at him. This was not something the Sirius Black you knew, would be one to say. Sorry? He was sorry? Did he even know what the word meant? But he had gotten what he had wanted, you had stopped and were now stuck like your feet had been nailed to the floor listening to him. He reached for your hands but you had enough sense to step back, you couldn’t just give in. Not that easy. “Look,” he began, “I lied okay? I was drunker than I seemed for a start and I gave in to the pressure of James and I know it was wrong okay? I know. I made a stupid mistake and I can’t take it back and yes what I did was on a dare okay? But they only dared me to do it because I really like you and they said I wouldn’t shut up about you and… And something stupid about the ’bro code’ whatever that is and…” Sirius rambled on pacing back and forth barely giving time to process but when you did your eyes shot open. Stumbling towards him you stopped him in his tracks his eyes lifted to yours and his hair flounced about his shoulders. “What did you just say Sirius?”

“The ‘bro code?’ I don’t know something James sai..”

“No, no not that! Before that. You like me!?”

“Oh… well um.. Yeah… a lot actually. According to Remus I talk about you as much as James does Lily if that means anything to you….” He had gotten quiet. Almost stuttering through his words. Fighting to keep a brave face as he admitted what proved to be incredibly difficult for him. “Then… Sirius,” a soft look, lifting your arm to gently touch his hair hoping to find proof he wasn’t lying in his eyes, “why did you do it?”

“Because, y/n i’m an idiot okay? I wish I had a better explanation but I don’t. I’m an idiot and I did what James and Peter said because they said it was ‘what’s best for me’ okay? And I wish I hadn’t but I did and I can’t take it back and I’m so sorry”

“Hey.. shhh, it’s okay. I forgive you”

“You do?” he questioned, disbelief flooding his strong features.

“Yes, I do.”

“Could you ever be with me?” He asked going back to being the scared shy boy he was when he first entered the room. You knew you still liked him. You knew everyone else knew it. But you still needed the time to process this all. Think it through. You leaned up, tip toes taking the brunt of your weight, light press of lips on his cheek, spiked stubble a guard to the softness you now knew.

“We’ll see,” you whispered moving passed and stepping out the door as he stood still taking in the moment. Walking away a smile graced your face as so did on his. “Oh…” you remembered, “by the way, your leather jacket is at the bottom of a lake”

and you walked away, from the boy that had you swooning.