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i want. villains to just be villains. stop trying to make them redeemable. stop trying to make people sympathize with them. stop trying to make it seem like every evil person is just some poor misunderstood sack of pain. some people are just evil for the sake of being evil. i want to see less “see they’re not mean they’re just sad !!”

when yellow diamond was introduced it was awesome!! she was cold! she was ruthless! but then there’s blue diamond and the song yellow diamond sang.

like if you wanna make people sympathize with a villain maybe don’t make them extremely cold, violent, heartless, and literal colonizers with a damn human zoo.

The worst thing about having FPs is that they could hurt you, absolutely destroy you, and yet just say the simplest apologies and kind words and you’re scrambling over yourself to apologise for doubting them, to say you’ll do better, and you feel like it’s your fault, that everything went wrong.

They could break you but the smallest apology and you fall back into loving them all over again.


sorry lance but i’m my own favorite space bisexual ✨

Always, He Told Her

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Alistair X Surana (Could also be Mahariel/Tabris)

He told her.  Right there, in front of everyone.  “But, I love you”, she whimpered.  Tears stung her eyes and she could feel her heart crumbling.  

“And I love you, always.  But I’ll be required to have a child, someone that can continue my bloodline.  A human child.”

Her knees weakened as she collapsed to the floor before him, the King of Ferelden.  Her chest heaved as he walked away.  His name on her lips.  Leliana helped her to her feet as the others’ eyes followed her out the door.  She collapsed in the hall, unable to hold herself together.  This couldn’t be happening.  “It’s just a little further to your room”, Leliana spoke softly, as she watched the guards as they watched them.  

Alone in her room, she buried herself in the blankets.  Tried to smother herself with pillows, even.  If she’d known giving him the crown would mean this, she would’ve never mentioned it.  She would have never made him king.  She sobbed until the Fade took her.  

Strong hands.  Stronger and more rough than her own.  Big and safe.  She knew these hands.  Lips.  She knew those too, familiar with where they placed themselves on her.  She knew his tricks.  He knew her likes, what tickled, what didn’t.  “Stay with me”, he whispered.  A moan passed her lips.  “Stay with me.  You don’t have to go.”

“But this isn’t real.”

“It isn’t?  I’m holding you.  I love you.  Just stay.”

Her brow pressed to his she nodded in agreement.  “Okay.  I’ll stay.”

Alone in her room is how they found her.  Unresponsive but still breathing.  They called for the healer, they called for the King.  Nothing coaxed her out of the slumber.  They sent her to the Tower, kept her in the infirmary.  He would visit her, once a year, every year.  On the same day he gave her the rose, the one he found in Lothering.  The visits only stopped when they told him her hair was thinning and her bones were brittle.  They’d written him a letter, which he tossed into the flames.  She was gone.  Lost forever in the Fade.  

The prince would find him in the study.  His father’s hair white as snow, sitting by the dying embers.  His grandmother’s amulet clenched in his fist.  He’d heard stories of that amulet.  How an elven woman had found it for him.  How his father loved that woman.  The prince ran to his mother.  The Queen sat up quickly from her bed when he burst through her door.  “Duncan?  What is it?”

“Father… he’s gone.”

The King wandered the Fade.  He felt young again, those tired old muscles felt as though they once had.  Back when he was a hero.  He would find her.  He didn’t know how, or how long it would take but he’d try all the same.  He had all the time in the world.  And Maker was she worth it.      

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Finchel AU: In which season 5/6 were actually part of an especially vivid nightmare Finn had after his night with Rachel at Mr. Schuester’s wedding. When he wakes up and discovers she’s gone, he realizes life’s too short to wait for the universe to make things happen.