brb while i go throw up

just scroll past this its just me ranting about Kevin Keller

Okay but like,,

when and how did Joaquin and Kevin start to date?

Where is their first date?

Them talking about being boyfriends?

Where is Kevin excitedly telling his friends about Joaquin?

Them sneeking around bc Sheriff Keller cant know

Why didnt we get to see these things?

Like. I have to deal with all this Hetero Drama (The family drama doesnt count thats actually interesting and I love) but Im being robbed of Kevin  becoming an actual character and getting a storyline that doesnt consists of being Veronicas Best Gay and the Gay Best Friend Stereotype in general?

With what Joaquin said to FP theres bound to be drama and heartbreak, right?

Or are they gonna skip over that as well? Are we just gonna see Kev moping around in two Eps and someone asks what has happened and hes like “Joaquin betrayed me” and  theyre gonna be like “aw no honey brb gotta go back to my storyline”? 

Or is it gonna be Jugs dramatic voice over that announces them breaking up like “The Blossoms did this and that thing *throw in some big words and some metaphers while ur at it* while Archie Andrews did this and that and also Kevin and his boyfriend broke up and there was a huge fight cuz apparently Joaquin and him only where together bc my dad told Joaquin to get closer to Kev and The Coppers are in a bad place blah blah

I could rant forever about this wow like I love Kevin Keller so much but Riverdale kinda just - sorry - shits on him,