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Eragon (And why this series is a gem)

Uhg, you guys. Ive been re-reading the_ Inheritance Series_ and browsing though the wiki, and can I just say, Eragon. I love him so much. Despite the series being…. Okay you know what, we where kids, like teenagers. Of course we loved the books despite the cheesy writing.   Okay, so this is like more of a rant/ adore post. So bear with me, its kinda messy. <3

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Okay but Jude wanting the missus to give him a bath and put him to bed the night they bring George home becasuse he missed his mummy. Brb while I cry in the corner, I'm to young and broke to be having baby fever right now 😂😭

MY HEART. :’(( 

He’s so sad and feels really unsettled because everything feels a little different and he doesn’t quite understand why the baby is getting most of Mumma’s attention and he’s refusing to go and take his bath with Harry. Maybe she’s feeding George and trying to get him to settle to sleep and she’s still a little crampy and plain exhausted, so the idea of bending over the bathtub doesn’t sound appealing in the slightest. But listening to her little boy’s cries is hurting her heart. He’s nuzzling her hip from where she’s sat up in bed feeding George and fussing forlornly.    

“Finny’s going to be all lonely if you don’t go have a bath,” she tries, pulling her fingers through his soft hair. 

Jude whines and pleads for her further. “Mumma…” 

“I know, bubbie. Daddy has a nice bath waiting for you. Then we’ll have a snuggle and I’ll say night-night to you, okay?”

He whimpers a few more times for good measure, rubbing his face against her arm, and blubbering out a pitiful, “Mumma.” 

“Oh, little mister,” she coos. “It’s alright. “Go see Daddy. He’ll get you all cozy. I bet he’ll put your dressing gown in the dryer if you ask him.”

Then he decides that he, “Wants milkies,” and tries to climb up onto the bed beside her.      

“After your bath,” she says gently, rubbing her thumb across his wet cheek. “Go have your bath and then we’ll have a snuggle and you can have milkies, okay? I love you, bubbie.” 


On the bright side, this chapter basically confirmed another headcanon that many of us had. Natsu’s handwriting really is terrible.

His handwriting is horrible and he’s probably not very good with words, but he still took the time and effort to write a letter to Lucy (and only Lucy). Not only that, but he put it in an envelope with an official seal and everything.

He’s obviously going out of his way to be both serious and sweet to her and that just makes my heart melt a little bit.