brb while I go cry in a corner

The fact that you are upset you can’t control your own powers is because you’re human, Shin-ah. Everyone is like that. That’s why what you have to do is not close your eyes and repress everything, but to open your eyes and take control of your power! I think someone who can do that is a strong person. I like people who can do that. Let’s get stronger together.
—  Yona
[Akatsuki no Yona (暁のヨナ) Chap. 51]

Guys I can’t do it anymore, looking at the picture of Suho crying over Tao kills me ;__; It hurts my heart and looking at it this morning was so much pain ): EVEN THOUGH HE LOOKS RIDICULOUSLY CUTE IN THE PIC.. it still hurts me to see him crying but the beautiful thing it shows how much he cares for Tao and his members. It’s beautiful how much of a genuine and sweet person my bias is.. and how much he cares ;__;

Tao bby please feel better and Suho, baby don’t cry or I’ll cry ):


“if you had a daughter one day, who would you like her to marry in the band?” brb while i go cry in a corner he’s so cute asjsjhkf

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No not rly its just that i've followed you for a while bcs of your sugakookie fics on ao3 but never rly check anymore and today when i suddenly craving for sugakookie i went to your tumblr and its the first thing i saw and i'm so mAD BCS WHY DON'T YOU GET ENOUGH LOVE TBh i love you so much your stories are life and pls dont hate my lack of articulation skill dammit i love yOU I CANNOT SAY IT ENOUGH

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you’re too nice YOU’RE TOO GOOD TO ME ASDFGHJKL SOBZ brb going to cry at a corner now what did i do to deserve thisssssss