brb throwing myself into the sun

Things I've Commonly Seen People Tag Pictures of Noel Fisher With
  • baby angel
  • cutie patootie
  • muffin
  • literal ray of sunshine
  • precious baby thug
  • little bunny
  • poor drunk child
  • noelforpresident2k14
  • fucking cutie
  • sass king
  • dang boy
  • noel your collar bones are beautiful
  • quick your eyebrows are escaping your forehead
  • my heart and soul
  • small child
  • hes such a little power bottom i just
  • scruffy munchkin
  • i want ten of you
  • brb gonna go vomit joy
  • *throws self out window*
  • you are why i cry myself to sleep at night
  • no but guys the sun literally shines out of noels ass
  • noel fisher with clothing on should not be allowed actually
  • im looking at this and it feels like all of my internal organs were like nope and they collectively passed out all at once help

I stopped by the coffee shop I work at to get cold brew as I was leaving town, and he just happened to be there. (Also, he did that thing where you go to high five someone then interlace your fingers and I’m swooning so hard) I’m just really glad I got to see him before I left. ☺️