brb procrastinating

post it before the weekend, she said

the story is almost done, she said

polish it, she said

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As always, I am the worst.

On the bright side, my Barisi 19x05 episode tag is literally almost done, and it’s about 10.5K now, obviously, and I will post it sometime tomorrow, after one final read-through. And that is a promise! probabl NOPE. It is a promise.

So sorry to keep you waiting!

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gimme dem hiccstrid children headcanons pls!!! maybe some art?

I was literally in the middle of saying i wasn’t gonna draw them, but then i got too into my headcanons and i just had to!!!!

ok so stoick II/the oldest the far left, idk what to name him is the big guy in the middle rn i’m just gonna call him baldur, you have to see my headcanons it makes sense, then the youngest will be called gerdie for now. middle child and third child will get better names in the future hopefully, i want them to have classic berk names, like “dirt“ haha, something to go with hiccup

  • 3 kids, 2 boys and 1 girl, i’m still trying to decide if i want the middle child to be a boy or the girl, maybe have the girl last to mix things up
  • the first boy, the obvi name stoick cause they totally would, and he comes out to be a blonde, thin, p tall boy, he’s cut out to be a leader, he’s the one that helps take care of the younger siblings. he’s very put together but he does have moments where the ‘hofferson/haddock” panic sets in, like he’s preparing to be chief and he does something and messes up and then hiccup and astrid are like “oooh cmon!!! its not that big a deal” but to him it is big deal. he can be kinda cocky, kinda always wants to be in charge, he’s kinda got a stick up his butt?? like a little one, but he is still pretty rigid, but when he’s relaxed he can be goofy and is easily surprised and honestly he’s just a good kid, a tired older brother. often agrees with his mom, looks like astrid but looks a lot like granpa hofferson. hiccup probably looks at this boy and he’s like astrid our son is more mature than us!!! we must do something!!! corrupt the child!!! keeps his hair in a ponytail cause his hair will POOF, and he looks crazy
  • OK listen, listen to this…. everyone designs the hiccstrid babies to look exactly like hiccup or astrid, with a few variations and i mean thats not a problem cause they’re their children so duh theyre gonna look like them… what if the second boy looked like stoick. i don’t mean spitting image stoick, but what if astrid and hiccup, the thin chief and his muscle chief wife walk in and then they have this giant kid that obviously takes after stoick. he’s big and ginger and a total sweet heart and is all about the rough and tumble, he’s very much a dorky hulk and astrid and him train all the time. he picks up his older brother to give him noogies and everyone thinks he’s the older one and Stoick II gets cranky because “that is inappropriate!! i was in the middle of something!!!” but he also respects his brother a lot and he’s got a very sweet face, maybe he has a beard before Stoick II, but the problem is he’s not good with responsibility, like he can do his own thing, but he doesn’t wanna be a leader like his older brother, he’s got a really good moral compass like his mom and dad. HE IS REALLY CLUMSY. he is very clumsy, he is big living with smaller people so don’t surprise him!!! he will knock everything over!! a lot like stoick when he was leaving the smithy in httyd after talking with hiccup. he’s also bad at lying and kinda dumb sometimes but thats ok, everyone loves him
  • the last but not the least, the freckly gap toothed grinning girl, who is shorter and always getting into some sorta trouble, not like picking fights or anything, but the kinda headstrong, twists what her parents say, very much takes after hiccup. she’s the one getting picked up by the back of the shirt by her older brother while stoick II tries to talk his way outta whatever she did (he’s very eloquent) so their parents wont find out, she mostly is with the middle brother, but often wonders out on her own, or with other kids her age, definitely brings a lot of animals home and asks to keep them, follows hiccup around when she’s board, has astrid do her hair into two big braids, she’s very cute. she’s got a cracky voice, and shrieks a lot and her bangs are always in her eyes but sometimes you can see 1 big wide eye, she often cuts her own hair and astrid is like “please…. please no, sweetie stop its hard to braid!!!” and hiccup laughs somewhere cause tbh he’s a chill dad and he thinks its cute while astrid is giving her daughter a hair cut to even out the 4 inches she cut from one place

i was really intimidated making this post because there are so many good hiccstrid babies, like @bgsdragons, @jennis41digsdragons, @avannak and about a million other have amazing designs for the kiddos, so i’d recommend looking at their hiccstrid kids cause theyre very good. brb, gotta procrastinate and design more babies for other httyd couples