brb pizza


My 1st ever iMessage stickers are on App Store for only USD$0.99!!! 💕 💕 💕 

  • Or in currency wherever you are! It’s available everywhere! 
  • Featuring 20 adorable animated cat stickers!! 
  • It would mean so much to me if you guys get my stickers, I love you all.
  • Also, let me know which one is your fav :)

brb-pizza  asked:

u r completely right about everything, lots of people r like "WOAH IM NOT A RACIST", well sure u don't identify as a racist and other people probably wouldn't call u a racist BUT that doesn't stop u from saying racist things unconsciously... I don't identify AS a racist but I definitely am racist and you're so right it's because I'm white

THIS IS SO IMPORTANT TO Y’ALL WHO ALL SAY “but i’m white and i’m not racist”

I went shopping! Spontanously!!

What I got:

  • New bra which is very cute and pretty and almost fits, it’s just a little too small. But I needed a new one and it’s the one that fit the most, woohoo. I also found the perfect bra shape for me (balconette bras), but they only had it in small sizes, gdi.
  • A khaki-ish jacket for autumn/winter which looks very Dean Winchester-like and I love it! uwu
  • Weird bustier thingy you wear under tops with a lot of cleavage (where you’d else wear a top, but like this it only covers your chest and not your whole torso.) It’s pretty cool.

I’m very happy, this was a successful day. Except we actually don’t have any money but I’m trying not to feel guilty…..


in other news; this is one of the best birthday presents ever???? along with the binder too like holy shit

im gonna major in Digital Art & Animation’s concentration Entertainment Design!!! eyooo thats a mouthful but hey at least it sounds professional haha

imma reward myself by stuffing my face with pizza brb