brb not going outside


I’ve been without internet for a week now and there are NO establishments with free wi-fi in this town. Also cell service is spotty as usual so I’m living a one-bar no Netflix life up in here. And this is the first weekend in, um, EVER when I don’t have any dictating to do. It brings physical pain upon me.

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tag yourselves I’m me in FUCKEN pIECES over how Taylor’s being open with *US* about her boyfriend and literally no one else outside her social/family circle brb gotta go cry x

Winners Get Treehouses 
Or Okay So We’re Doing This (on Ao3)
A sequel to Winners Don’t Always Get Lucky Breaks 

Thanks to Caitlin for giving it a once over. Thanks to my Whatsapp girls for talking plot with me always. I’m breaking my own rules and posting a WIP but it feels like the first Winners (which I wrote over 5 days) so I don’t think I’m shooting myself in the foot. brb i’m gonna go outside, turn around three times, and spit.

You definitely want to read Winners Don’t Always Get Lucky Breaks before you read this so you will know what the fuck is going on in this alternate timeline stuff. Then again, I’m not your mom, I can’t tell you what to do so…

“Did you ever read Swiss Family Robinson?” Bellamy asked Clarke as he walked into the makeshift medical tent. Jackson raised his hand.

“I did!” he said and Bellamy clapped him on the back.

“Clarke, treehouses, Jackson agrees.”

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Do You Ever Wonder?

If you have seasonal depression or you just detest the cold? I swear that I’m a whole different person when I can go outside & feel the sun on my skin. Brb running away to Mexico…