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fanmix challenge fictional relationships [3/10] » scott mccall & stiles stilinski
   ↳ THIS IS FOR KEEPS; “If we’re going to do this then you’re just gonna to have to take me with you." It all starts off so simple, best friends meeting for the first time like it’s fate. And it is, fate that is. They were destined to be together, and they feel it that first time, that resounding feeling of rightness. Best friends forever, they croon, arms attached and feet dangling, their bodies gangly and growing. They keep that picture in their mind, because it’s one of the last times that they were normal. One of the last times that death wasn’t waiting for them around every corner. One of the last times when they still thought forever was an inevitability. And now, they’re holding on to each other for dear life, because if it’s not the demon inside it’s the sickness lurking and Scott will do anything to save his brother, he’d go to the ends of the earth for him. Except this time, it may not work. This time, Stiles may not be waiting for him on the other side. This time, it may be the monster inside Stiles that’s waiting… and the monster is not always extinguishable. Sometimes, the monster is life and fate is a sick, cruel thing. And the one thing you never thought of beating you, does. 

i. lullaby - the spill canvas | ii. i just sighed. i just sighed, just so you  know - los campesinos! | iii. i always knew - the vaccines iv. i would do anything for you - foster the people | v. wolf & i - oh land | vi. anything for you - ludo | vii. i fell - alexz johnson | viii. i remember - damien rice ix. sleepyhead (acoustic) - passion pit | x. reverse - gabrielle aplin | xi. between the bars (cover) - the civil wars | xii. milkman - cocorosie xiii. go - delilah | ivx. in the grey - the good mad | vx. my skin - natalie merchant | xvi. this is for keeps - the spill canvas | xvii. here i stand (acoustic) - madina lake xviii. masterpiece theatre ii - marianas trenchxix. stand by me (cover) - mona | xx.wires - the neighborhood | xxi. winter - daughter | xxii. the moon song (studio version duet) [feat. ezra koenig] - karen o  | xxiii. i will follow you into the dark - death cab for cutie