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So the @ Midnight taping was fantastic.

My particular group didn’t actually make it into the audience, but we were lucky enough to be brought into the green room to watch the episode on a screen while it filmed. That also meant that Burnie and Gavin came back to talk with us. (Burnie complimented my Blue Army shirt. Hell yeah.)

We stuck around afterwards, so we had time for autographs and photo ops when the guys came out, and they were some of the funniest and most gracious people I’ve had the opportunity to meet. (Also, Burnie wears frames with no lenses when he’s filming stuff, because reflections and lack thereof.)

After that, a bunch of the RvB Los Angeles people - and a bunch of people we’d just met! - headed out to Planet Dailies for dinner and drinks. brb-makingmischief; intergalacticju; thatsweetjaz; hannibalkanibalas; roosterknow; therecreator; kirachantate; intoxicatinginsanity; madame-loki; warhead2k8; you guys were all fantastic. <3

Hey guys! So I mentioned I would do this by the time I hit my next milestone in followers (500). Well that just happened soooo let’s do this!

To those that are bolded are people that I have gotten to know (even just a little!) and call them friends. I love you guys.
I deeply apologize if your URL is not on here, I kind of rushed this a bit. - though I tried to include everyone and their blog that I love. also you do not have to be following me to get on here

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