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Honestly, this is my everyday mood

“Lexa is emotionless”





How can people not see how much pain Lexa is in, every time she is about to cry, she tightens her lips and you can see the emotions in her eyes

When she talks about Costia, you can see she is trying her best not to break down!

When she finds out Anya died, it was devastating for her!

After she kills Gustus, do you not see the pain and regret in her face??

She is just a child trying not to fall apart after she lost the only 3 people that meant something to her. Because she has to be the “COMMANDER” of her people.


V in Hwarang

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Just look at how precious he is 😍

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Even looks good when he’s eating

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He’s such a cute cinnamon roll 😫

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highkey Lowkey jealous of that cup 👀

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That lip bite killed me 😍😍

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I’m still crying 😭😭😭😭😭😭

heith thoughts
  • at first glance, keith and hunk don’t share a lot of similarities, personality or appearance wise, and everyone knows this. if it wasn’t for voltron–quite literally–bringing them together, they might not have been friends at all. both hunk and keith feel kind of guilty for this (”i could have missed out on so much….”, “might never have had such a friend..” etc) but they don’t dwell on it when they’re stuck together in space anyway
  • after the weblum, hunk revels in the fact that he can actually get keith make jokes. the rest of the team is hesitant to believe him but he succeeds one time and keith makes the joke, and everyone laughs. its great. hunk watches keith’s slow smirk, sort of cocky and triumphant, hiding it behind the collar of his jacket, and his heart does a weird flippy thing. must be the indigestion from breakfast, he thinks 
  • then keith starts hanging out with him in his workspace, where he’s putting together some things for pidge and fixing things through the castle for coran, and keith offers to help him out sometimes. he realizes keith is good with his hands, can take directions in hooking up wires and drilling bits and holding things. this is not altogether unexpected since he did live in a desert by himself for a year, had to fix things himself, keep up his hovercraft, but it does Things to his heart

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every time lexa says clarke’s name: 32/?