brb deleting it


Baby we’re perfect.


imagine ur having a fifa date with luke. u score the winning goal. “y/n, wtf” luke says. “haha i win” u say, smiling at him flirtatiously, except u actually looked like a monkey choking on your own saliva. (in other words u ain’t cute hun) luke growls and pins u down to the ground. “oohhh,” you giggle (more like hack but ok) “what’re u gonna do lukey” he cracks a devilish grin “the possibilities are endless” (haha brb deleting myself from tumblr) u smile thinking you might do the frickle frackle. ur smile fades as he kicks u in the face with his giraffe legs and his noodle arms flail at ur face. “this is for beating me in fifa u dumb butterball” luke yells. u die.

The moral of this story is:
Never play Luke Hemmings in FIFA, or you’ll most likely end up dead :)