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I had to split this photo into two because my feels overwhelmed me when I realized that Catherine is holding onto her two babies while throwing an absolute over-the-moon smile at her sister, Pippa. These two girls have been under constant scrutiny since news leaked of Catherine’s involvement with William. Countless rumors, and useless gossip, that followed Catherine’s wedding to William, featuring sister Pip, could have broken these girls. But today, they stood as sisters and Catherine got to see her little sis become a beautiful bride. I can’t even explain how happy this makes me & how beautiful this one photo is when you’ve seen nearly their whole adult life unravel before the cameras. MIDDLETON SISTERS FTW ♡♡

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I've been told I don't really smile. But I was checking out your art and my dad asked what I was smiling about, and when I didn't show him, he demanded to see because it made me smile. So, thanks... I guess, that's what I wanna say. For helping me smile.

!!!! ohmygosh??? you’re very welcome!! I’m so glad that my art could help you smile, I hope you have a wonderful day !!

K-2SO's Last Thoughts

From the novelization of Rogue One: “With one second left until total shutdown, K-2SO chose to mentally simulate an impossible scenario in which Cassian Andor escaped alive. The simulation pleased him.”

V in Hwarang

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Just look at how precious he is 😍

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Even looks good when he’s eating

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He’s such a cute cinnamon roll 😫

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highkey Lowkey jealous of that cup 👀

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That lip bite killed me 😍😍

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I’m still crying 😭😭😭😭😭😭

Can you imagine how Cassian felt when K-2SO died? Like, he was his best friend. His best friend was a droid. Cassian knew over all the years that he couldn’t save humans, so mortal and fragile. His best friend was a robot, metal and machinery. He likely reprogrammed him himself. K-2SO with his snarky responses and loyalty to Cassian, but still a droid. In the end Cassian couldn’t even save his robot let alone the human being sitting next to him on that beach.

Yes. Yes, he did that again.

My babies have reconciled. They’re getting in touch. They’re making me g i d d y.

It’s last year, all over again for me. *them feltson feels* Watch as I go back to Feltson VMs on YouTube.

Watch as I die in peace…

It’s become fashionable in some quarters to claim Jyn Erso went to Scarif intending to die a martyr – that she realized she had lost everything and chose her path by its inevitable end. I will dispute this claim until my own dying days. I think Jyn fully recognized who she was and sought a way to channel her best and worst impulses, her darkest moments and her brightest toward a cause worthy of her true incandescence.

In a kinder universe, she would have walked away from Scarif. I cannot imagine who she would have become, but I think she would have been extraordinary.

—  Mon Mothma, “Unpublished Reflections on Jyn Erso’ (Rogue One Novelization Pages 321-322)