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30 day teen titans challenge » day 8: what’s your favorite Starfire moment?

Starfire + dealing with that jerk Valyor

“There will always be people who say mean words because you are different, and sometimes their minds cannot be changed. But there are many more people who do not judge others based on how they look or where they are from. Those are the people whose words truly matter.”

Comfort: Josh Washington x Reader

As requested by Anons: “*whispers* would you write an imagine where the reader is josh’s girlfriend* and he helps her with her self esteem issues? *whispers* i need more supporting loving cute jos au’s" 

 "Would you write a Josh fic where the reader (his gf) is feeling insecure and he just holds her and lists everything he loves* about her and things she does for him that he loves? Just super cute and fluffy?" 

 *Note: I completely cried writing this imagine, struggling with insecurity and self-esteem issues, this just made me break down.* 

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  • Ryan: *after killing Gavin using a plane* I'm even still flying!
  • Geoff: Wait, Ryan, are you still in the air?!
  • Ryan: NO
  • Ryan: NO
  • Gavin: He's gonna nose dive just to spite you!
  • (BM Vagabond committed suicide)
  • Ryan: I AM DOWN.
  • Jack: Ryan, you're gonna appear still in the air.

Know what’s sad?  When Steve’s plane was going down and Peggy proposes a date a week from then at the Stork Club.

The Stork Club was in New York.  They were working out of London, if not France, by then.  She suggested someplace they both knew, but wouldn’t have been able to get to.

She realized he was asking her to talk to him until he died, and helped him dream up a fantasy scenario in the home he’d left behind until his plane hit the water.

I think people forget that Lily and the marauders were teenagers when she had Harry. Like yes, they had to be serious when fighting in the order and going into hiding, but this is a group of 17 and 18 year olds where two of them are newlyweds, one of them is pregnant, four of them have been friends for yeas and know literally everything about each other. And I can honestly see all the things that happen in that house in Godrics Hollow because let’s be honest: they all probably lived there at least 70% if the time.

• Having a game night when Lily gets too restless

• Pranks. Endless pranks that everyone knows is all in good fun trying to lighten the atmosphere.

• Pregnant Lily missing her mom and wishing she could ask Petunia for help, but she can’t because she knows she’ll be judged for being a pregnant this early in her life. Then the four boys make up songs and dances to cheer her up. Then Lily is sitting in their living room rubbing her baby belly and laughing until her cheeks hurt not caring that she can’t talk to her sister because she has three brothers and a wonderful husband to rely on

• James fawning over Lily because he can’t believe that ha has everything he’s ever wanted so soon in his life and now he can spend the rest of it enjoying himself excEPT FREAKING PETER PETTIGREW ROYALLY FUCKED EVERYTHING UP

• Lily yelling at the four boys, because there is still so much testosterone and ‘No Sirius you cannot ride your broom in the kitchen I am trying to cook dinner!’

• Trying to teach the boys about muggle houses, because Lily wants to raise Harry without some magic because she doesn’t want his head to be as big as James’ was.

• Taking pictures as they go because they’re all young and enjoy themselves and are on for the ride.

• James wakes up in the middle of the night worried because Lily isn’t i. Bed with him and going downstairs to find her draped across Remus and Sirius who both stir a bit, wake up, and shrug to James because even though their necks will hurt in the morning it’s not worth waking her up

• James smiling and joining them

• Remus having nervous energy and cleaning because he doesn’t know what else to do

• All of them loving each other and having their own family and trying to support each other and doing a great job BEFORE THEY WERE BETRAYED