brb crying forever

Damian: I don’t know you.

Nightstar: No. And you probably never will, now. But I’ll love you, anyway. Always. *fades away*

Seriously, someone confiscate the BICs from me. I was supposed to draw for work, but the drawing sucked and my arm ached anywhere, so I took a pause… and made THIS. Which is way prettier than the stuff for work. çAç.

This wasn’t even my top Dami pairing, but damn, it’s SAD to see it go. :/


Aw, Eagle!

He’s so sad about this assignment to invade Cephiro. He went into it not wanting to do it, knowing what he does about the Pillar system, but he was going to sacrifice himself to it for the greater good of Autozam. Now he straight up admits that he doesn’t want to do this at all, Autozam be damned. Just one meeting with Lantis has shook him up so much that he’s loosing faith in this mission that he had such little faith in to begin with. 

Nez hugging Micky at the end of last night’s Monkees show in Mesa, AZ. Below is a description from another audience member:

“At the very end, when the music was over, Michael opened his arms to Micky, who didn’t notice for a second. You could tell tell this was an impromptu moment. […]And they wrapped their arms around each other in a long hug that said they loved each other, that they will always be brothers.”

(Photo by Michael Luciano; Quote by Ginny Shook.)

yeah i loved that bit at the end of botfa where thorin is carrying bilbo back through the shire, bilbos legs wrapped around his waist and thorin just nuzzling his ear asking for kisses and all the nosey hobbits are just staring but neither of them care, they’re just two besotted idiots giggling cos they are so happy to be together, to be ALIVE


Paddy: Come on, kiddo. I’ve been there. I’ve done it. I’ve seen it. You can trust me. I’ll understand.

Tommy: Spare me the compassionate father routine, Pop. The suit don’t fit.

Paddy: I’m really trying here, Tommy.

Tommy: You’re trying? Now? Where were you when it mattered? I needed this guy back when I was a kid. I don’t need you now. It’s too late now. Everything’s already happened. You and Brendan don’t seem to understand that. Let me explain something to you: the only thing I have in common with Brendan Conlon is that we have absolutely no use for you.

Oh my god I’m going to cry

I just got a review on a really old set of short stories I wrote for Chris/Wesker forever ago and it said (and I quote):

“This is the best story about Chris and Albert that I have ever read. You are clearly the best writer that this pairing could have. My suggestion is that you continue to write them in the domestic universe that you created, because it is very good. Please, write more!”

I just

Wow. Wow.