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I love Geri lmao he honestly doesn't give a single fuck 😂😌 And Dani Alves came out like a kid lol, doesn't he have his owm brain? None of my business but he would probably lick Neymar's dick if he wanted so. They seem like a disgusting Brazilinas, old 12 or 13 years. I'm sorry, but I have enough of Dani tho. He wants to be "Good crazy" something funny but man annoys me with his "craziness" already. He is annoying shortly

Actually this quote about Pique claiming that it was Alves who convinced Neymar is fake. It was twitted by one of the most popular journalists who post about Barça and he was keeping it on his profile until people started to call him out them he deleted it but many people believed him and now this quote is living it’s own life.
Pique said something like that :
“As Dani Alves said, [Neymar] knew he was leaving when he attended Messi’s wedding. We tried to convince him to stay, without success.”