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Sorry this took forever to do, but my phone just has SO MANY PICTURES I had to plug it to my pc so I could sort through them for a meager 9 that represent me because damn the img ammount limit (sorry I’m this kind of person)

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Qual a sua nacionalidade? Brasileir@? American@ eu estou confuso, se você é do Brasil, Eu não preciso mais perguntar as coisas em inglês >:v

i am sorry i dont understand what you just said it was all a ruse

I’m brazileiro yeah but I happen to like typing in english more than in portuguese for Some Reason

……I’m usually not part of brazilian communities tbh. Basically puxa-saco de gringo

V:LD Flower Shop/Tattoo Parlor AU

bc it was abt damn time! holy hell i’ve been working on this forEVER damn me and my “attention to detail”. anyway have fun bc i did :)


  • 26 and 6′
  • Sephardi Jew
  • Owner of ‘Altean Florals’
  • Dresses mainly in pastels
  • Lives in the loft above her shop (it’s a 2-story building – 3 if u include the basement - used for storage mostly but also a lil exercise room)
  • Is Terrifyingly Calm™ in the middle of customer blow ups tht all her employees run for cover when she puts on her Customer Smile™
  • Team Mom of her shop (Flower Mom)
    • Sometimes called the Flower Queen/Goddess by her Altean Florals fam
  • Sings when watering the plants
    • Also talks to them
  • Might or might not b a plant witch (Lance’s “conspiracy”)
  • Wears giant sunhats during summer, gardening, out in the greenhouse, etc.
  • Has a “mild” crush on the Sweet, Cute, and Funny™ tattoo artist next door (aka Shiro)
  • Only person who calls Shiro by his first name (”Oh, hello, Takashi!”) instead of his nickname
  • More Jewish Allura -
    • mezuzah at doorways for both her shop and her actual apt
    • goes to temple for the holidays
    • hasn’t done shabbat since the death of her parents (bc they’re not around to keep the tradition/schedule up)
    • always puts hanukah decorations up in the shop (menorah up at apt window too)
    • bakes holiday treats for her employees
    • starts inviting Shiro to passover dinner w her temple friends when they start getting Serious™
    • Watches her bat mitzvah videos when she misses her parents
    • Spends Rosh&Yom w the Holts
  • V active - knowledgeable in all dance styles, surfs, hikes, rock climbs, kickboxing (and some other fighting styles), gymnast but hasn’t competed since high school
  • Fluent in Arabic, Hebrew, French, English, and Spanish
    • Since she learned Arabic and Hebrew simultaneously, in the mornings before she’s fully awake she only responds in either of those two (even tho she wakes up early to open shop, she’s not AWAKE awake until like… 11ish)
  • Has a couple of tattoos she got in college, doesn’t go out of her way to hide or show them off… just kinda like “oh yeah they’re there hmm”
    • a solar eclipse on her left outer thigh
    • a trail of lion paw prints following the curve on the top of her right foot, biggest by big toe and decreasing size until smallest by ankle bone
  • Likes sweets esp fruity flavors
  • Was a History major and Foreign Language minor at uni
  • Can drink anyone under the table
  • V confrontational outside of work, esp to rude dudes
  • Fave music genre: disco, nu disco, and similar dance music


  • 42 and 5′11
  • Australian
  • Landlord of both the flower shop and the tattoo parlor
  • An actual friendly landlord whose tenants actually like
  • Never seems to get angry (at least to his delightful tenants)
  • Frequents Altean Florals for all his floral needs!
  • Likes to garden and receives tips and advice from Allura and the rest of the AF crew (and yes i did just realize tht her shop initials r AF)
  • Frequents CCH for all his energy and coffee bean needs
  • V outdoorsy and athletic - camping, hiking, fishing, boxing, etc.
  • Cheery af. A literal ray of sunshine!
  • Supes strong u wouldn’t expect it
  • Everyone is jealous of his mustache (obvi but like tenfold)
  • Watches and reads a lot of NatGeo and similar, always spouting animal facts tht no one knos how to deal w (The Nature Guy)
  • Fave music genre: 50-80s classic rock


  • 24 and 6′4″
  • Samoan? (i still like this hc leftover from my mermaid au)
  • Florist
  • Played varsity volleyball in high school and was captain of her college team
    • Was a Biology major w a concentration in Botany, and a Geology minor at uni
  • An absolute sweetheart and gets easily flustered when customers r starting to b difficult so Lance or Hunk usually step in and save her (she usually prefers to work on the arrangements and nursery in the back bc of it)
  • Is extra sweet to Hunk (slightly crushing on him)
  • Has short curly hair and multiple ear piercings
  • Likes making jewelry
  • Opens up shop for Allura during Jewish holidays
  • Always buys a bottle of Lance’s vegan nail polish whenever he makes a new color
  • Sings while watering plants or working on arrangements – actually p good at singing
  • Still v athletic after graduating – surfs, jogs every morning, various fighting styles (judo, bjj, tkd, w.e the Samoan native fighting style is?, etc)
    • Supes strong - can and has bench pressed Lance
  • Assistant coach for local middle school age travel vball team
  • Bakes for fun
  • Studying witchy stuff and shares info w Allura and other co-workers
  • Fave music genre: girl rock groups 80s-early 2000s


  • 28 and 5′10
  • Japanese-Brazilian (tbh i fell in love w this hc)
  • Tattoo Artist at 5 Lion Ink right next to Altean Florals
  • Has full sleeves on both arms and multiple piercings on both ears (and an right eyebrow piercing)
  • Mostly wears black
  • Has a crush on Allura and his mind goes blank when she calls him Takashi (like his words start jumbling in every language he knos before he gets to English (its his 4th language) - and she’s giggling the whole time)
  • V athletic - capoiera, bjj, karate, bboys (occasionally)
  • Used to parkour but stopped after he broke his arm one incident
  • Fluent in Portuguese, Japanese, Spanish, and English (in tht order, P & J simultaneously)
  • Considers Keith his younger brother (fam friends)
  • Likes working in color
  • Actually went to art school and graduated w his bachelors - BFA
  • Really good at makeup, actually considered becoming a makeup artist before he decided on tattooing
  • Did kabuki once upon a time when visiting fam in Japan - Regrets and Embarrassed
    • I just kinda want his fam to have this as an Embarrassing Home Video and one of the first times he brings Allura to meet his fam they show tht vid and she starts bonding w his gma abt how adorable he was and then proceeds w the showing of the childhood photo albums
  • Kinda stoic looking to those who don’t kno him, but a total goofball to his friends
  • Easily flustered around Allura – only time openly acting like a school kid w a crush
  • V pleasant and polite - mostly professional mask but still a v nice guy outside of work
    • Only really mean to bullies
    • Prefers no confrontation - can b v overwhelming
  • V Stressed 20/7 (4 hrs of sleep typically)
  • Fave music genre: 80s-90s rock, grunge, some metal, j-rock, brazilian music


  • 22 and 5′7″
  • Cuban
  • Florist
  • V flirtatious bi who lays on the Heavy Flirt™ when dealing w cute customers
  • Besties w Hunk since middle school
  • Thinks Hunk naming every single bloom is a bit Extra™ but joins in
  • Plays guitar and is a p good singer (learned Flamenco guitar from his gramps)
  • Was on the swim team in both hs and college
  • Was a Music major at uni (recent grad)
  • Can dance p well - superb at all latin dances, bboys sometimes, did ballet and tap when younger
  • Makes nail polish w vegan ingredients (i saw a video so don’t fight me on this!) and gets inspired for colors by the flowers he works w each day
    • Always tests them on himself first (likes to flaunt at work)
    • Sells them on Etsy
    • Would give them to Shay for free but gives her the Friend Discount bc she insists on paying
  • Fluent in Spanish and English, conversational in Italian
  • The Gossip
  • Used to b the Class Clown
  • The Danger Friend
  • Youngest kid in his fam aka The Baby
    • 90% of his wardrobe r hand-me-downs
  • Afraid of ghosts, doesn’t do well w mystic stuff, hates horror movies
  • Tries to b fashionable w the work uniform bc FASHION - sometimes creates his own clothes
    • Gma was a seamstress
      • Since his clothes r mostly handmedowns he learned to sew (and tailor) his stuff from gma so he could actually wear his stuff
  • Super clear skin
    • Beauty expert of sorts
  • Coffee junkie
  • Calls Pidge “P” for short
  • Fave music genre: dance music, reggaeton, 80s pop/rock


  • 23 and 6′2″
  • Hawaiian
  • Florist
  • Names every single flower bloom and talks to the flowers
  • Has a bit of a crush on coworker Shay
  • Besties w Lance since middle school
  • Was an Engineering major at uni (recent grad)
  • Has actually gotten into arguments abt flower arrangements w Lance before
  • Has a tattoos on left calf, half sleeve upper right arm… maybe more?
  • Played football and wrestled in high school, didn’t feel like doing sports in college but still hit the gym
  • Helps name Lance’s nail polish colors
  • Somehow always surrounded/followed by animals?
    • Mix between Snow White and Steve Irwin
  • The Caution Friend
  • Fluent in pidgin (is tht right?) and English, conversational in Spanish
  • Great chef, goes to culinary school
  • Calls Pidge “P” for short
  • Really good at doing complicated hair styles
  • Fave music genre: 80s-90s rap, hiphop, r&b, pop


  • 22 and 5′5″
  • Korean
  • Tattoo Artist (was actually Shiro’s apprentice)
  • Has 2 half sleeves on his lower arms
  • Ha. GAAYYYYYY!!!™
  • Thinks of Shiro as an older brother
  • Wears mostly black and red
  • Acts like the Indifferent Emo Kid™ but he actually cares abt his friends, fam, and (sometimes) coworkers. Like… he cares,,, he Cares A Lot™
  • Stops by the CCH every morning to get coffee on his way to his shift and also to say hi to Pidge
  • Sometimes goes to Altean Florals for flower refs
    • First time going he was looking for Allura (reco by Shiro) but it was a Jewish holiday so she wasn’t in so he met Lance instead
  • Mostly works in black and greys
  • Actually buys and wears Lance’s nail polishes but doesn’t tell him
  • Used to kno tkd and judo but hasn’t trained in yrs so probs v rusty - still hits the gym when he can
  • Went to community college as an English major - has his Associate’s degree
  • Fluent in Korean and English (in tht order)
  • Fave music genre: k-rock, k-pop, 90s-early 2000s rock


  • 20 and 5′3″
  • Of Irish/German descent
  • Ashkenazi Jew (fam is temple friends w Allura)
  • Works at the coffee shop at the end of the block (The Corner Coffee House)
  • Wears “Pidge” name tag bc she doesn’t want customers knowing her name (Lies it’s an old Irish name if anyone asks)
  • Casually throws Yiddish into everyday convos (“wow what a fakata break up, susan”, etc.)
  • Likes making purim puppets w Allura
  • Sass™
  • Mostly has morning shifts so is usually the one making Shiro’s order on his way to open shop
    • Has it memorized by now - large hazelnut macchiato w 4 shots of espresso
  • Learning kickboxing from Allura
  • Was on her hs track and field team as a sprinter - girl is fast af
  • Currently attending uni as a Comp Sci major, Classics minor
    • beats up the sexist boys who tell her to leave STEM, they no longer bother her
  • Fluent in English, Yiddish, German, some Irish
  • Fave music genre: techno, trance, 90s club music

Shallura stuff:

  • Shiro starts learning abt Judaism when he learns Allura is Jewish and says w.e holiday greeting when he sees her in the morning bc he actually marks them on his calendar (what a lovesick puppy)
  • Shiro becomes V Curious™ where Allura’s tattoos r when she mentions she has some and casually tries to find it
  • Shiro first meets Allura when he first goes to the flower shop for a client’s and general tattoo ideas (actually thinks she’s a goddess when he first sees her - cue angel choir)
  • Shiro really likes that Allura calls him by his first name instead of his nickname
  • After becoming friends, Shiro sometimes spends the night in Allura’s place (in her guest bedroom) when he works late, sometimes in combo w having to open up shop the next morning (Keith works a lot of morning shifts and opens up sometimes)
  • They sometimes spar together when they find out they kno how to fight (like seeing their style differences)
  • Allura teaches Shiro the partner dances she knos in their free time
  • Shiro likes drawing Allura when not designing tattoos


  • Both Rolo and Nyma work at 5 Lion Ink w Shiro and Keith
    • Nyma pierces and tattoos, while Rolo only pierces
    • Rolo has multiple ear piercings, lip, nose and eyebrow piercings, and a half sleeve on his upper right arm done by Nyma
    • Nyma has a full sleeve on her right arm, a tongue piercing, and a sceptum
    • R&N don’t really interact w S&K
  • Zarkon and Haggar are Top Notch Lawyers™ whose office is a block or two over who hate the shops bc they want to take over the block for some (shady) business but can’t bc it’s technically in the historical district
    • Thace, also a lawyer at their firm and Keith’s dad, was the one who stopped their hostile takeover w this info
  • Altean Florals shop uniform - sleeved shirt, bottoms at least to the knees, closed toed shoes, and a Thulian pink apron, long hair pushed/tied back (optional)
  • After Lance and Hunk started calling Katie “P”, short for Pidge, everyone else (friends) started calling her tht too
  • Everyone hangs out at CCH during their breaks and after shifts

List of things witnessed at Paulista Av. so far:

- Guy in a full Pikachu jumpsuit laying totally rad guitar solo. No explanation.

- Guy with portable karaoke machine singing Sweet Dreams walking way too fast for anybody to join him, not interacting with people

- 50+ people dressed head to toe in pink sequins carrying drums

- The beginning of the fall of our political stability and the rise of satan 

- Another 50+ people dressed head to toe in blue sequin carrying drums a few blocks ahead 

- An Elvis cover. Or 20.

keep adding :)