brazilians tbh

List of things witnessed at Paulista Av. so far:

- Guy in a full Pikachu jumpsuit laying totally rad guitar solo. No explanation.

- Guy with portable karaoke machine singing Sweet Dreams walking way too fast for anybody to join him, not interacting with people

- 50+ people dressed head to toe in pink sequins carrying drums

- The beginning of the fall of our political stability and the rise of satan 

- Another 50+ people dressed head to toe in blue sequin carrying drums a few blocks ahead 

- An Elvis cover. Or 20.

keep adding :)


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I can only reccomend hot soccer players as it is the only sport I follow but: Claudio Marchisio, Marc Bartra, Isco, Alvaro Morata, Francesco Totti (old but I find him so good looking tbh), the brazilian prince Kaká, my king Iker Casillas, André Gomes, Thiago Silva, Mats Hummels, James Rodrigez + Antoine Griezmann (I just find them cute tbh) - I feel like everyone talks about Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar already so I didn't mention them

spent the last hour in the presence of gods

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Off-topic, but wtf is going on with Bruno de Souza? How can a dude who had the mother of his baby tortured, murdered & fed to his dogs not only get out of prison after a couple years but be hired by a football club? How could anyone buy a ticket to watch someone that evil?

Honestly!!! I had a whole rant about this last week! Wtf is wrong with people and with the brazilian justice system tbh this guy should die in jail for what he did (and to add he wants to see his kid, after he did that with their mom, it’s fuckingunbelivable as if he has any rights)