Gomen se eu esqueci de alguém. Mas todos aqui na lista são muito especiais pra mim! ><

A question for my non-brazilian followers, 

How often do you guys eat rice? 
I know it’s a pretty random question, but I don’t know if rice is as common in the US and Europe as it is here (and the rest of Latin America and Asia I guess)
And the whole idea sounds sort of alien to me, like what do you guys eat instead of rice for your carbs? Pasta? Potatoes? 
Idk it’s midnight and I just made myself fried eggs with rice and I’m wondering how the rice got here. Is it a Portuguese thing? An Iberian thing? Did it come here with the Japanese colonies? I need to know


Li “Lições” hoje e definitivamente entrou pro meu top 3 do Graphic MSP.

Eu espero de coração que tenha uma terceira leva de histórias, e que se tiver o Vitor Cafaggi e a Lu Cafaggi sejam chamados pra fazer mais uma, porque dá pra perceber claramente a evolução de “Laços” pra “Lições”. Queria muito ver o que eles fariam em uma terceira história. 

expectationsofthenewmillennium  asked:

Can I also celebrate Overwatch? It's not a feminist thing but a Brazilian thing: my country is represented by a black boy who grew up poor, but instead of becoming a criminal or a murderer Lucio decided to improve the world and fight against corruption. Brazilian politics are incredibly corrupt and it's so nice to see a character like Lucio? He also makes a callback to the 80s, when music was used as a form of protest against the dictatorship! I love Lucio!

Everyone can celebrate Overwatch! Especially for fantasic reasons like this. I really, really love Lucio too, though I didn’t know about the historical context before! Thank you for teaching me!

anonymous asked:

Is the word nega/o offensive or somehow racist? Like, could it be compared to the infamous n word? I've been living in Brazil for a year and idk what to think of it, I don't like it but that's a different thing. Maybe it's because I grew up abroad and am not educated enough when it comes to Brazilian culture so certain things come off as rude or strange to me. And I live in a small town full of uneducated people who don't care/know what they're saying so that doesn't help.

We’ve had this debate here before! Most people said it depends on the context and on who uses it, like, if it was a friend or a family member it could be just and endearing term, but if it was somebody else it could be, and many times was meant to be, racist. You can read everybody’s input under a few of my tags, like, here.

a fun thing about brazilian portuguese is that usually when someone says “thank you” they say “obrigado” but instead of “you’re welcome”, you need to say “it was nothing”
“it was nothing” translates to “de nada”
and sometimes if i’m walking away too fast, i just completely skip the “de” in “de nada”
so (in a literal translation) i helped my dad out with something and he was like “oh, okay, thank you!” and i yelled “NOTHING” and went back to my room



Things I’ll be more than happy to draw:

-fandom-related stuff and references so it can be easier for me to draw it <3
-fat/poc/feminine characters
-Motivational texts (those where your favourite character is telling you good things to cheer you up, I love doing those ♥)

Things I won’t draw:

-hate or offesive subjects (homo/lesbian/bi/pan/poli/trans/acephobia, misoginy, sexism, racism, fatphobia)
-Extremally detailed backgrounds/creatures/clothes (the last having exceptions only if there is an reference image for such)
-Building and vehicles (once again, the only exceptions for buildings are if there is an reference image for such)


Email me at:


if you live outside Brazil:

Paypal payment only! Send me an email with your request and whether or not you have other preferences or questions.

if you live in Brazil:

Send me an email with your request and whether or not you have other preferences or questions, and then after defining the details of the comission, we can dicuss forms of payment (which can still be through paypal, your choice)

Once again, please provide references so it will make it easier for me to doodle them, then you’ll be all set.

If you can’t afford to commission me, please consider reblogging this post! I’d really appreciate it!

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my experience, as a white foreigner who's been in Brazil for six months, is that everyone I've met at parties is super eager to teach me how to samba. these are mostly mixed-ethnicity college students in MG, though, so there might be different feelings from people of other backgrounds in other places. but my general impression has been that while it clearly came from afrobrazilian culture, it's considered a broader Brazilian thing in general now that everyone does regardless of race.

No, yeah, absolutely, everybody does it and there isn’t really a division nowadays as to that - even cause I think it’d be pretty hard for us to call anybody out in cultural appropriation here since most people are mixed race. I just never thought to ask a black person how they feel about this. After all, it is their heritage and their music, you know?