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Hercules Mulligan- Olympics

So, this was not a request, but I wanted to do it since my country is hosting the Olympics (Yaaay!) and it took me forever, but here it finally is. Disclaimer: Brazil and Ireland did not play each other in soccer. Ireland didn’t even play soccer. It’s just the only sport I’m crazy about. I know the Olympics finished like seventeen years ago, bu I didn’t have time to sit and write. Very sorry.

This is dedicated to my beautiful friend Violeta, who died recently. May she live on in soccer and in Hercules Mulligan forever.

Warnings: Swearing.

“You suck.”

“I don’t suck. I got you tickets so that we could see our home countries play in soccer. I don’t suck.”

“You suck.”

It was halfway through the game and you were losing hope. The score was tied at a miserable one to one, and you were absolutely positive it was Hercules’ fault.

Stupid, adorable Herc with his face painted like the Irish flag. With his smile lighting up the entire area.

“VAMOS!” You shouted, seeing that Neymar Jr. had secured the ball. “VAMOS! LINDO ANJO, VAMOS!”

“NOOO!” Half of the stadium yelled.

“GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAL!!!” The other half of the stadium screamed. “NEYMAR!”

“HAHA!” You shouted, jabbing Hercules in the chest, waving the Brazilian flag in his face. “WE GOT A GOAL AGAINST YOUR IRISH ASSES!”

You jumped with the other Brazilians in the box, screaming loudly in Portuguese.

“Can you pass me the water bottle, please?” You asked Herc once you sat down, panting heavily.

Hercules exhaled violently before turning his back on you.

“Hercules? Hello?”

“Here.” He growled, passing you the emptying water. “Just keep it and stop talking to me.”

“Are you mad at me?” You asked in disbelief. “Herc! I’m competitive! It’s soccer. This is my life.”

“Before this game started I was your life. You’re mean and you haven’t even said thank you yet.”

You groaned. “Fine. Be that way. I really hate you right now.”

“I can live with that!” Hercules shouted angrily.

Fifteen more minutes in and Brazil shot another goal, and then another. Something about the angry Irishman next to the crazy Brazilian must have attracted the cameras, because before you knew it, you and Hercules were on the giant screens around the stadium.

“No, damn it!” You shouted, trying to wave the camera away. “I don’t like him!”

It must have been a commercial break for the people watching from home because the camera didn’t rush to move back to the soccer players. You were so focused on trying to get it away that you didn’t notice everyone cheering; or Hercules kneeling.

“I’m going to pretend I’m not mad at you for two seconds.” You said, whirling around to face Hercules. You frowned, noticing that he wasn’t next to you anymore.

Olhar para baixo, linda.” A man said from behind you. You frowned again, tilting your head downwards.

“Oh, my god.” You muttered, your hands flying to your mouth. “You’ve got to be freaking kidding me, Hercules Mulligan.”

There he was, on one knee, a ring inside of a box. He grinned at you.

“Come on, angry Brazilian lady. Hate me if you want, but just marry me already.”

The cheering from around the stadium got louder, and even the soccer players stopped drinking their water to scream.

“Fine.” You said, your mouth curving into a grin. “Fine, fine, fine!”

Hercules slid the ring onto your finger before standing up to pull you into a kiss. You smiled against his lips, people all around you shouting happily.

“I told you I don’t like sappy proposals.” You said, looking into his eyes. “That was really sappy.”

“Just shut up and watch the game.” Hercules laughed, pulling you into his side. You rested your head on his arm.

The soccer players resumed running, the Brazilians kept cheering, and the Irish continued to boo.

“You know I still hate you, right?" 

"I can still live with that.”

Ipanema - Brazil

Located in the southern area of Rio de Janeiro, Ipanema offers a diverse range of cultures and activities. Beer is sold everywhere along the beach, and locals can be seen daily playing soccer, volleyball and footvolley. On Sundays, the road nearest to the beach is closed to cars, allowing the public to ride bikes, roller skate or skateboard safely. While the waters here can be more dangerous for swimming, the beach is known for its social scene, and has been named the “sexiest beach in the world”.


PHOTO by: austinjwillis
MODEL: ahippiesoul1

By: ahippiesoul1

My personal go to protective style is the quick and easy Bantu knots. BANTU KNOTS for me is not just another “PROTECTIVE STYLE” but a style for me that expresses My complete FREEDOM and unapologetic willingness to be comfortable with who I am. Completely exposed face without the ability to hide behind chemically stretched hair or that imported Brazilian body wave… Not that there is anything wrong with those go to styles but for me it was more so expressing myself Through the curves of my nose, cheeks, and lips and feeling confident with what was always intended for me to LOVE without the help of hair. Meanwhile my natural coils are being protected simultaneous, that’s is FREEDOM.

~Depending on how defined you want your curls to appear depends on how many knots your willing to form on your head. In this picture I have 8 knots. This go to method is perfect because it protects the fragile coils that exist at the end of our coily strands, and promotes hair growth. For the best results leave Bantu knots installed overnight.

~On WASHED CONDITIONED light WET hair add (MOISTURIZER of choice) in this case I used T-tree Leave-in conditioner.
~Determine the amount of knots desired.
~Finger comb each section and add your (STYLER of choice) in this case I used Pantene defining curls styling custard.
~On each section separate down the middle so you now have hair sectioned in half and two strand the twist until you get to the very end of your coils. When you reach the end of your coils add (Oil of choice) in this case I used Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JBCO) and JOJOBA oil. Twist two-strand twist into mini knots seal ends and tuck!

Hair (via @Wowafrican)
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Hey Ash! Now I just wanted to say before my little rant that Michonne is my all time favourite characters, she's truly iconic and no other women in tv can compare to her🙌🏽 however and this may sound petty but they really need to bring her black wig back😩 she looked so majestic, it's something about her with the black fresh dreads that adds the spark to her (not that it isn't there now but still) it shouldn't cost a lot to get a nice one. This sounds so petty but it makes me annoyed.

Listen. I have a lot of feelings about Michonne’s wig, and none of them are good. This goes for all of the black characters’ wigs, tbh, but I mostly care about Michonne and so I don’t know why it’s so hard to give her fresh-looking locs when she’s been in Alexandria for months now. They had a full eight weeks of calm after the herd and I know the beauty supply stores aren’t cleared out. There was a sista sitting at Sanctuary with a good 4 bundles of Brazilian body wave in a fresh weave, so… 🙃. I don’t necessarily need it to be the black wig, although I did prefer that one, but just a better one. And give her some more vibrant headbands while we’re at it. I remember Danai saying that wig is actually really expensive, but I sure can’t tell.