brazilian treehopper

Oh look! A sneak peek for a new character that will show up in the incoming flashback!! He’s a type of Brazilian treehopper (seriously, those insects are soo sosososo cool and no one really knows about them). I can’t say much about him, but he has a major MAJOR role in the upcoming update. Keep your eyes peeled, and your banana even more peeled, cuz eating an unpeeled banana kinda sucks don’t it?

Please excuse my lazy colors and names and bad grammar/spelling, i have a LOT of these to get through. Thanks for all your submissions! 

Stiltzmin- suggested by @beemite regular bug type based on a daddy longlegs. Mine is more based on the harvestman name, it’s legs blend into tall grass and it cuts down the grass to find prey. Probably fairly frail.

Spleeader- suggested by @familiaralien a smol cute jumping spider bug/ fairy because I really like fairy types. Probably a speedy version of aromatisse, whom i pretty much based the design on.

Seedsect - suggested by @erindecker a bug/grass type based on the Brazilian Treehopper. My original design was basically budew with a coconut tree growing out of it’s head, then I thought it would be cute to do a mimic of budew, but it’s pretty boring to have a pokemon that just marginally looks like another pokemon. It’s a neat concept but I just think it’s lazy for a game like pokemon. I stuck with the coconut tree theme but made it more buglike. I think it would be neat if it could have different berries instead of the generic nuts I gave it. Maybe different berry forms would have different stats, but you could only find them in certain climates.

Kissant - suggested by @siryl a bug type based on honeypot ants. This was originally gonna be fairy type since it’s support. It basically heals it’s charges by kissing them and transferring it’s fermenting honey in their mouth. It’s butt was suppose to look like those cliche moonshine jugs, but it looks more like a pastry.

Vermorm and Vermattox - suggested by @crimson-leaves-sensei a bug/poison type based on hammerhead worms. I was trying to avoid doing evolutions but I designed Vermattox first and I liked it’s design so much I just had to keep it. Vermorm’s got the amphisbaena thing working for it, and it’s lacy “foot” is it’s pharynx. Vermattox just wraps it’s body around prey and digests them.

Buzznaw - suggested by @cerothenull a bug/dark type based on a wheel bug. I did a wheel bug  fakemon before, if anyone would care to check the tags, but I decided to push that design further and make a fakemon based on a buzz saw that can tuck it’s legs up and ride on it’s butt-saw like a unicycle.