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Marginália é um projeto juntamente ao coletivo SÊ-LO e apresenta um conjunto de obras inspiradas em nomes da contracultura. Sindicalistas, ativistas e excluídos que se levantaram contra o status quo. Nascida da vontade de um grupo de amigos em voltar os holofotes para seis personagens de grande importância no cenário sociocultural do Brasil: Madame Satã, Marietta Baderna, Nise da Silveira, Margarida Maria Alves, Maria da Penha e (Dadá) Sérgia Ribeiro da Silva.

O destaque dado a estes personagens reflete a necessidade de coloca-los na condição de protagonistas, que lhes foi negada ou diminuída por serem quem foram. Não é à toa que a maioria dos nomes seja de mulheres, e o único homem entre elas tenha transitado entre o masculino e o feminino em uma época na qual a fluidez de gênero era quase impensável.

O projeto resultou em uma exposição na Biblioteca Mario de Andrade e possui a curadoria de Marcos Pecci.

“I’m conflicted towards the Latina-Honey-Big Hero dilemma because I’m Brazilian and I’m just like her. Blonde, light-skinned and amber-eyed. So to me it was nice to see someone who I personally identified with but it would be selfish to turn my back on the majority of people in Brazil and others south-American countries who have little to no representation at all in movies and animations. I just wish there were more representation to all of us.”



only have to find a Gato Preto (Cat Noir) for her now…

*I said first that she was the first Brazilian Ladybug, but historical facts and many other incredible Brazilian women came before her and one of them definitely was the first Ladybug. I chose as inspiration a native caeté woman, Ingaí, as the first native brazilian Ladybug. More on that on another post. <3

Alberto Santos-Dumont; 20 July 1873 – 23 July 1932) was a Brazilian aviation pioneer. The heir of a wealthy family of coffee producers, Santos Dumont dedicated himself to aeronautical study and experimentation in Paris, France, where he spent most of his adult life.

Santos-Dumont designed, built, and flew the first practical dirigible, demonstrating that routine, controlled flight was possible. This “conquest of the air”, in particular his winning the Deutsch de la Meurthe prize on 19 October 1901 on a flight that rounded the Eiffel Tower, made him one of the most famous people in the world during the early 20th century.

Following his pioneering work in airships, Santos-Dumont constructed a heavier-than-air aircraft, the 14-bis. On 23 October 1906 he flew this to make the first powered heavier-than-air flight in Europe, certified by the Aéro Club de France and the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI).

In his homeland, Brazil, Santos-Dumont is a national hero, having his name written in Brazilian Hero Panthéon. He is credited in Brazil as the father of aviation.

Santos-Dumont occupied the 38th chair of the Brazilian Academy of Letters from 1931 until his death in 1932.

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So a LOT of people are exited for Haloween and the holiday season... I got to thinking... who would Lucio and Hana be? I don't know about you, but a fic where they go to a costume party as Asgore and Toriel (or any other vido game couple) would be cute! (Their kids could be Asriel and Chara, if they have any.)

First I really want to apologize to the @justexpecteverything​, because I didn’t know who Asgore and Toriel were until 2 minutes ago. So I’m kinda half doing your prompt: D.Va and Lucio go to a Halloween costume party!


Lucio arrived at Dr. Zieglers’ costume party just a little bit after 11:30 pm. 

“Lucio! I vas hoping you vere going to come!” The Overwatch doctor embraced the DJ into a fierce hug, which knocked her witch’s hat off. 

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world, Dr. Z! Sorry about the tardiness, my Halloween charity concert went on a little longer than usual.” After finishing the hug Lucio picked up the fallen hat and gave it back to her. 

“Oh it’s fine…” Mercy replied adjusting her witch’s costume “… to tell zee truth you’ve come just in time. I think I’ve run out of all the music I have zhat’s y’know, ‘hip with zee kids’ and well…”

“Lemme guess, Reinhardt is threatening to put on Hassoholf?” 

“I VILL SHOW YOU VHAT REAL MUSIC IS!” bellowed Reinhardt from across the room in his Cowardly Lion costume complete with the red bow tied at the ear.

“Dang, he’s got some really good hearing for an old man.” murmured Lucio.

“I VONDER WHY, HMMMM?” Lucio and Mercy both shared a laugh. Of course Lucio being Lucio, always had a portable DJ table with him on hand for emergencies such as these. As he began to unpack, he noticed Mercy was hanging around with a playful smirk.

“Do you know vhen zee lovely will be accompanying us?” Lucio felt his face get a little hot. He and weren’t necessarily together, but he could tell the rest of the Overwatch group were beginning to notice a pattern.

“To uh tell the truth, I’ve got no clue Dr. Z. She actually has been avoiding me lately. She been super wrapped up in making her Halloween costume.”

“Oh vell zhat’s new! Usually you and Hana are attached to zee hip. Perhaps a couple’s costume to ummm, forgive me Lucio. I don’t know who you’re dressed as.”  Lucio jumped up from his half finished DJ set.

“I’m Static Shock! Y’know from the comics and tv show?” Mercy gave him an apologetic smile.

Entschuldigung, but I don’t know who zhat is. A Brazilian hero?”

“S’okay! But nah, I think he’s most popular in America…” replied Lucio as he went back to finishing the DJ kit, “…my dad found the whole Static Shock show on Blue-ray for, like, 10 Brazilian Reals* and -”

“ Verzeihung for zee interruption, but Blue-ray? I thought those were all but extinct!”

“I know ancient, right!?”


“As do I…” chimes Ana in her Dorthy costume calming sipping cider next to Reinhardt on the huge couch. 

“Anyway…” Lucio continued “…I watched the Hell out of those things as a kid, so I basically grew up on him.” Suddenly a door slammed open.

“Alright listen up you amateur cosplay plebs, I have arrived!” The whole party basically stopped and looked at front door. There stood in full body and detailed costume of Star Craft Sarah Kerrigan’s Infested Form. There wasn’t a tendril or scale out of place as she stood proudly letting the party soak her costume in.

Mien Gott…” muttered Mercy, “… must’ve really taken the my best costume contest to heart.” Lucio turned to her and raised an eyebrow.

“You have met, right?”  Mercy gave a small giggle,

“I know, but zee prize is just a $50 gift-card and bragging rights.” 

“You see, the key word in that sentence is bragging rights, Dr. Z.” quipped Lucio.

“Hey Lucio, I love your Static Shock costume! ” said as she walked over. Lucio couldn’t help but beam, someone recognized his costume! 

“For real? I mean, it was kinda last minute…” Lucio was telling a little bit of fib. He actually worked really hard on his costume, but the fact that thought he did a good job made his heartbeat quicken. “…I’m just more surprised that you recognize this super old character, Hana.”

“Are you kidding? Vintage western Saturday morning cartoons are huge in Korea and Static Shock was def my fav.” said as she gave the DJ a playful punch in the arm. Mercy had another silent giggle as she gave the two young people some privacy.

“…and then there’s your costume, Hana! Like dang, how long you been workin’ on this? And what did you make the scales out of?” Lucio asked.

“Ah, ah, ah, a great cosplayer never reveals her secrets.” Hana replied with a smirk.

“Okay, okay, okay but I just gotta ask this though. You look covered from head to toe. How the hell you gonna use the bathroom in that.”

“Hehe, funny you should say that…” Hana said with a nervous laugh, “…because  if Mercy doesn’t  judge for the contest in the next 10 minutes, I’m screwed.”

*$4 in US currency 

Let's talk about Lucio and

(but mostly

Lucio and’s relationship offers us some interesting characterization on both of them and helps us to understand their likes and dislikes a little better, and it offers some… interesting insights in them.

For example, we can safely assume that Lucio is a HUGE Starcraft nerd: e-sports aren’t much of a thing here in Brazil, so for him to know who’s the world champion (and for him to be a fan/recognize her in public) took him a lot of effort. He’s a nerd. Accept it. This man watches her streams at 3AM and probably has Starcraft merch on his room.

On’s end, however, things get more interesting.

Lucio’s music is probably in Portuguese – it’s protest music, meant for the Brazilian population to hear – that somehow got famous worldwide through (Blizzard’s misunderstanding of Brazilian’s politics)(Blizzard’s even bigger misunderstanding of how protest songs work, specially when it’s made by a Black Latino) a lot of shenanigans. probably speaks Portuguese to some degree to understand Lucio’s work. She probably already spoke Portuguese before discovering Lucio’s music (because Portuguese is the Hell Language and no one learns it just because of an artist, but if did, she’s one hell of a dedicated fan.) not only shows interest in science and exploration as shown in her banter with Mei – she also is interested in language.

(She’s such a smart noodle, I love her.)

We, however, can go deeper. is a really dedicated fan and… well, you don’t really listen to protest music (specially with this kind of dedication) unless it applies to you and you agree with such political views.

That tells us a lot about

Lucio, even with all the racist bullshit Blizzard has pulled, is at his core a Brazilian hero; a hero of humble beginnings that will bleed and die for his people, that rises against an oppressive system and preaches freedom and a better life., as someone who admires this hero, is the same.

tl;dr: is a left-wing anti-fascist POC who believes in a better world and will fight for what she believes in, and following Lucio’s example, she will succeed.


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Ayrton Senna and the first time that Brazilian flag was put up in the sky by his hands

Brazil had lost the game against France in the day before, in the World Cup, and I just wanted to show for all the brazilian people that we could win not only in football. I just wanted to bring the happiness for my country for a moment” - Ayrton Senna

Maria Quitéria (1792–1853) was a Brazilian Lieutenant and national heroine. She served in the Brazilian war of independence in 1822–23 dressed as a man. She was promoted to cadet and Lieutenant and decorated with the Imperial order. She has been called “Brazilian Joan of Arc”.

Maria Quitéria asked her father’s permission to enlist. Having the request denied by her father, heading home to her half-sister, Maria Teresa, married to Joseph Cordeiro de Medeiros and, with the aid of both, she cut her hair. Dressing as a man, she went to the village of Waterfall, where she enlisted under the name Medeiros, in Artillery Regiment, where she remained until being discovered by her father, two weeks later.

She was defended by Major José Antonio da Silva Castro (grandfather of the poet Castro Alves), commander of the Battalion Volunteer Blood Prince (popularly nicknamed “Battalion of Parakeets” due to the cuffs and collar of his green uniform), she was incorporated in this troops because of her ease in handling weapons and her military discipline that was well recognized. Then, in her uniform, was added a Scottish kilt.

José Carlos do Patrocínio (October 9, 1854 — January 29, 1905) was a Brazilian writer, journalist, activist, orator and pharmacist. He founded and occupied the 21st chair of the Brazilian Academy of Letters from 1897 until his death in 1905.

José do Patrocínio was born in the city of Campos dos Goytacazes, to João Carlos Monteiro, a vicar, and Justina do Espírito Santo, a young freed slave from the city of Elmina (Ghana).

After completing his primary studies, Do Patrocínio went to Rio de Janeiro, where he served as a bricklayer during the construction of the Santa Casa de Misericórdia. Getting interested in the Medicine area, he entered at the Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, graduating in Pharmacy 1874. However, Do Patrocínio could not find a home to live in after his graduation. A friend of his invited him to live in the neighborhood of São Cristóvão, where Do Patrocínio stayed at the house of a rich laird and captain named Emiliano Rosa Sena. Later entering to a Republican club, he met Quintino Bocaiuva, Lopes Trovão, Pardal Mallet, among others.

He soon fell in love with Sena’s daughter, Maria Henriqueta, who he nicknamed “Bibi”. Although Emiliano initially disapproved of the marriage, he later complied. Do Patrocínio married “Bibi” in 1879.

During this period, Do Patrocínio began his journalistic career. He founded, alongside Dermeval da Fonseca, a journal named Os Ferrões (The Stings). Fonseca used the pen name Eurus Ferrão, while Do Patrocínio used Notus Ferrão.

In 1879, he became a contributing editor for the journal Gazeta de Notícias, where he wrote articles under the pen name Prudhome.

In 1880 he founded an Abolitionist society alongside Joaquim Nabuco. He and its members (such as André Rebouças and Aristides Lobo) were famous for buying manumissions for slaves.

In 1885, invited by Francisco de Paula Ney, he travelled to Ceará, where he was very well received. He was also well received when returned to Campos dos Goytacazes, where he took his mother to Rio de Janeiro, for her burial. Famous personalities, such as Ruy Barbosa, Rodolfo Epifânio de Sousa Dantas, Campos Sales and Prudente de Morais, attended the burial.

In 1889, with the Brazilian Proclamation of the Republic, he was a member of the Revolta da Armada of 1892, being exiled in Cucuí, in Amazonas.

He died in 1905, during a speech in honor of Alberto Santos-Dumont, because of an hemoptysis.

Mod Note: I go to the same collegee he did, this makes me proud :)