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Domestic Dog Correspondences

This took me way too long so I hope you all enjoy it! As with my other correspondences you can find it all here in my digital grim! If you see any breeds I missed and you must have, please feel free to reach out and I’ll add them in!!


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Known as the homo sapien’s best friend, dogs are highly intertwined within human culture. From its religious significance across many cultures  to its contributions to many industries. Highly versatile animals that range dramatically from the smallest of terriers to beasts bred for bear hunting they are utilized worldwide for countless reasons. Many specific groups of dogs are tied to the elements such as terriers with the earth, sighthounds with the air and hunting dogs with water.

General:  Loyalty, service, companionship, safety, devotion, hard work,  tracking/finding, friendship, diversity, protection, recently deceased.

Affenpinscher:  Adventure, good health, intellect, raucousness, cheerfulness.

Afghan Hound:  Beauty, dignity, tradition, royalty, protection, air (element), warmth, extravagance.

Afghan Shepherd/Kuchi:  Bravery, gallantry, variety/diversity, adaptability, earth (element), protection, strength.

Aidi:  Power, companionship, intellect, determination, protection, awareness, courage, bravery.  

Airedale Terrier/Mini:  Hard work, determination,  attracting positive energy, happiness, water (element), agitation, hunting, sportsmanship, versatility.

Akbash: Protection, power, strength, pride, adaptability, bravery, independence, loyalty.

Akita Inu:  Loyalty, trust, war, home, protection, awareness, resilience, emotional health, emotional strength, healing.

Alano Español:  Conflict, strength, victory, overcoming obstacles, beauty, sun, fearlessness, keeping away negativity.

Alaskan Husky:  Adaptability, strength, hunger, affection, water (element), cold, swiftness/quickness, energy.

Alaskan Klee Kai:  Intelligence, energy, happiness, friendship, love, caution, prosperity, good health.

Alaskan Malamute:  Strength, endurance, wisdom, maturity, partnerships, community, winter, gluttony, safe travels.  

Alpine Dachsbracke:  Cleverness, vigor, bravery, overcoming obstacles, structure.

American Akita:  Dedication, victory, conflict, strength, protection, trust.

American Bulldog:  Unaddressed aggression, dedication, strength, protection, emotional strength, strengthening bonds.

American Cocker Spaniel:  Elegance, poor health, slowness, affection, friendship.  

American Eskimo Dog:  Beauty, air (element), grace, humor, cheerfulness, anxiety, high intelligence, good health, gluttony.

American Hairless Terrier:  Agility, sun, grace, earth (element), joy, good health, warmth.

American Pitbull Terrier:  Dedication, strength, unfair judgements, the forbidden, danger, personal power, love.

American Staffordshire Terrier:  Protection, strength, courage, patience, family, increased psychic awareness, empathy.

American Water Spaniel:  Versatility, water (element), blurring psychic vision, warmth, irritability, possessiveness.

Anatolian Shepherd:  Great strength, independence, protection, guarding, warding, impulsiveness, courage.

Andalusian Hound/Pondeco:  Anxiety, versatility, clarity, psychic sight, seeking, clearing annoyances.

Anglo-Français de Petite Vénerie:  Chaos, conflict, chasing away negative energy, good health, finding lost things, foreign affairs.

Appenzeller Sennenhund:  Protection, warding, awareness, quick learning, energy, longevity, prosperity, good health, positive energy.

Ariegeois:  Good health, intimidation, finding friendships, companionship, serenity.

Australian Cattle Dog:  Hyperactivity, competition, friendship, devotion, binding, possessiveness, destruction, curiosity.

Australian Kelpie:  Balance, beauty, conceit, spontaneity, competition, high energy, pride, problem solving.

Australian Shepherd:  Guarding, protection, devotion, versatility, ambition, success, good sportsmanship, earth (element).

Australian Silky Terrier: Vanity, cleanliness, pride, purging negativity, envy, beauty, companionship, attracting friendships.

Australian Terrier:  Success in education, poor health, protection from annoyances, cheerfulness, empathy, earth (element).

Austrian Black and Tan Hound:  Good health, longevity, happiness, air (element), beauty.

Austrian Pinscher:  Exercise, energy, anxiety, restlessness, tension, guarding, protection, strength.

Azawakh: Fire (element), wildness, impulsiveness, nature, beauty, music, protection, victory, finding lost things, possessiveness, binding, creativity.

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Riverdale’s Camila Mendes Gets Real About Being Latina in Hollywood
Don’t be fooled by her new-girl-to-Hollywood status. Camila Mendes has been so focused on launching her career, that she’s gotten off to a fast start playing the privileged Latina chara…

Don’t be fooled by her new-girl-to-Hollywood status. Camila Mendes has been so focused on launching her career, that she’s gotten off to a fast start playing the privileged Latina character Veronica Lodge on CW’s breakout series Riverdale.

The NYU Tisch School of the Arts graduate has the unique opportunity of connecting with her culture on-screen and off. With her Brazilian background, the 23-year-old makes sure to stay on top of her roots by speaking Portuguese with her parents and staying connected with her extended family via group chats.

As the new season of Riverdale approaches, Mendes spoke to People Chica about being new to Hollywood, her Latin roots and what fans can expect in season 2.

Veronica Lodge is your first role— how does it feel that your debut in the industry is on a hit CW series? 

The biggest relief for me is to know that I’ve broken through. I don’t need to stress about whether or not I made a huge mistake choosing this career path. Now I can actually focus on building a career doing what I love, which was all I’ve ever wanted.

In what ways do you relate to your character?

I know what it’s like to be the new girl. I spent a lot of my childhood moving around, so I was constantly adjusting to different environments and finding a new identity. Veronica’s world completely changed after her father’s scandal, and that degree of change makes you very vulnerable.

You play the role of a rich, privileged Latina, which isn’t really common in Hollywood…

It’s just so refreshing to see a different story being told for Latin families. The Lodge family is a much-needed departure from the underprivileged, sleazy Latino drug-dealers we’re used to seeing in entertainment. It’s rare that you see Latin families being portrayed as intelligent, sophisticated, and powerful entities.

In an interview with Coveteur, you called the role “American Latina,” what does that mean to you?

I think it’s different for everybody. For me, being an “American Latina” means identifying with and being influenced by both my American upbringing and my Latin heritage, and I have so much appreciation for how those two cultures have created who I am. I’m a full-blooded Brazilian, with an entire extended family of Brazilians, but I was born and raised in the U.S. When I go to Brazil, I feel like an American, and in the U.S., I always notice the traits that make me Brazilian.

Do you feel that being a Latina is difficult in Hollywood?

I’m pretty new to Hollywood, but I’m already starting to see the issues in how some projects are cast. I often hear things like, “You don’t look Latina enough, ” and that mentality is so backwards. The fact is: I am Latina, so how are you going to tell me that I don’t look Latina?

How do you connect to your Brazilian culture?

I connect with my culture through my family. I speak Portuguese to my parents so that I can practice. I stay engaged with my extended family through a lively group chat on WhatsApp. That sense of community and family is the heart of Brazilian culture, and staying engaged with my family is what keeps me connected.

What can fans expect from Season 2 of Riverdale?

Expect things to get even darker. In season one, we were testing the waters, and in season two, we’re really diving in. We’ve fully submerged ourselves into the thriller genre, and the obstacles that our characters will face are terrifying.

Any dream projects for the future?

I would love for my next project to be a well-written, character-driven indie. Something intimate, low budget, and completely different from the well-oiled machine of network television. But I’d also love to play a superhero in a big feature – so honestly, anything goes!

TMI time with Cherry

I went in for a Brazilian wax this morning. 

My regular esthetician was unavailable so they signed me up with an older woman, probably mid-late 50′s, who was overall very sweet. She asked about my job, hobbies, etc. and I was pretty relaxed through the whole thing. Then, she looks at the ring on my finger, back to my crotch and back to the ring and goes:

“Waiting until marriage, I see. Good for you, honey, he’s gonna love this.” 



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Kevin Trapp & Izabel Goulart attend “The Killing Of A Sacred Deer” premiere during the 70th annual Cannes Film Festival at Palais des Festivals on May 22, 2017 in Cannes, France.

So for the very last time cause this group of annoying assholes doesnt seem to get it


The role was open for everyone , the interview with Dichen should have made it clear. And the 2 other women who auditioned for it were not Latinas either so that case is closed. FLO got the part cause she was best for it and cause of her undeniable chemistry with Chyler. You can scream 100 times how much you dont like her or how she should get recast. FACT is you wont chamge shit. She is loved by the viewers cast and critics and all you can do is FUCK A CACTUS 🙌

Oh and the few really fucked up ones that wish now for her to die … i hope karma bites you in the ass . Pure disgusting . People like you have no reason to be in this fandom.

And to the people who are nice and rational thank you. And the people who support and love this nugget WE NEED TO POST MORE BEAUTIFUL STUFF IN HER TAG for real!

To add something : saying her name wrong or what ever childish nicknames you created is neither funny nor something you should be proud of in fact it makes you look like a Moron

To add another thing if haters would take some time to justify their hate , they would know that her paternals family is brazilian but she grew up with her moms italian family.

Dear White Friends,

Stop saying I don’t look/I’m not Brazilian just cause i don’t have a big butt and a big chest. I can assure you I’m Brazilian because my whole family consists of Brazilians. 


Your Brazilian Friend

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How would you describe each of the gnr guys to someone just getting into them?

Axl Rose, red headed emoji king:  

- vocal range wider than the grand canyon 

- is drowning in pussy and by that I mean he has like 3 cats and he would die for them 

- hilarious 

- wants freddie mercury and elton john to adopt him

- mean enough to kick your ass but still soft

- was robbed of a childhood from his biological family but now has a new and improved Brazilian family

- doesn’t give a fuck but also gives many fucks simultaneously 

- the only thing confirmed is his love of taco bell 

Slash, confused ruler of snakes: 

- does not know what shoes are 

- is a big slut and is in love with both Axl and Duff 

- snakes 

- so emotionally involved when he plays that he practically is a guitar

- big fan of vaginas, big fan of women, feminist 

- the only two things he watches are horror movies and spongebob

- sends Christmas cards to Axl

Steven Adler, bag of popcorn: 

- would have slept with anything back in the day 

- his entire diet consisted of drugs but he’s still somehow the most innocent child in the band

- he’s fine now though 

- just really loves his friends and was finally able to play with them again

- ray of sunshine 

- wants to live in a world where everyone is a pug 

- doesn’t know how to not smile 

Duff Mckagan, half punk half giraffe: 

- Johnny Thunders had full ownership of his ass at one point 

- smart 

- former alcoholic who almost died 

- all of his jokes are awful but you’re a lyin ass bitch if you say you don’t laugh at them 

- he’s your fave even if someone else in the band is your fave 

- the cool dad 

- has the same size dick as Mick Jagger 

Izzy Stradlin, ?????: 

- no one knows what he’s doing or where he’s at ever 

- a mysterious and cool bad boy you’d read about in a book 

- bitch better have his money 

- people don’t recognize how talented he is a lot of the time 

- occasionally axl’s best friend 

- wants everyone to chill  

- was in a very monogamous relationship with cigarettes