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The house of artist Tomie Ohtake, in Sao Paulo.

The Japanese-Brazilian artist Tomie Ohtake arrived in Brazil in 1936 and soon felt in love with its tropical energy. In 1960, her son, the architect Ruy Ohtake, designed for her a brutalist building of 750 m², that was a manifesto to her poetic vision of life: a real monochrome concrete sculpture that enhanced hundreds of multicolored  art works and icon design furniture.

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Beautiful Natural Abstractions from Protobacillus

Protobacillus is an art project by Gustavo Spredemann and Leone Simonetti, two Brazilian graphic designers/artists. We create abstract animations that take inspiration from nature and digital media. The unique result of this collaboration ranges from organic to psychedelic, or a combination of both.


This gloriously brutalist house in Butanta by Paulo Mendes de Rocha and Joao de Gennaro, two pioneering Brazilian architects. The concrete structure pokes out through the surrounding greenery, a no-fuss attitude to its straight lines and repeating forms.

Images originally from The Modern House