brazilian cocktail

Les Amis as things Canadians have said to me when they found out I’m Brazilian

Enjolras: *Approvingly* I hear everyone is going on strike to protest against the government.

Grantaire: A friend made me a Brazilian cocktail one time and I aLMOST DIED. Fun night tho.

Feuilly: *starts speaking perfect portuguese to me* *lived in Brazil for nine months and just picked it up*

Bahorel: If anyone tried to rob me I’d punch them! I’d probably die but I wouldn’t be able to help it!

Marius: *starts speaking good portuguese. Explains he once fell in love with a Brazilian woman and that’s why he learned.*

Ferre: *Starts talking about colonial architecture on the Northeast of Brazil. Knows a lot*

Courf: I saw a video of the Pride parade in São Paulo, it seemed amazing!

Joly: Didn’t you have a dengue fever epidemics recently?

Bossuet: Every country goes crazy after hosting the Olympics. The games are jinxed!

Jehan: *Learned Portuguese so they could properly appreciate Brazilian poetry, has read more Brazilian classics than me*


Nine steps to heaven on a hot summer night.

Caipirinha à la isa:

  • 1 ripe lime
  • 1.5 tablespoons cane sugar
  • 4 cl good (!) Cachaça
  • dash of soda

Rinse and dry the lime very well. Cut into eight pieces, smash to bits and juice in glass. Don’t be lazy, get all the essential oils out of the peel! Spoon 1.5 tablespoons of crane sugar (not just brown sugar, which is normal sugar with colouring) on top, stirr well but not until mixed. Fill the glass with crushed ice (let some of the chunks remain big, don’t smash into tiny pieces). Pour in 4 cl Cachaça (Brazilian reciped call for more, but I like having a liver). Top of with just a dash of soda. Serve with a some stirring device, straws are optional (opinions on how to drink Caipirinha vary).

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