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Toma del Palacio de Justicia, Bogota, 1985 On November 6, 1985, terrorists of the Marxist group M-19, and funded by Pablo Escobar, attacked and took over the Palace of Justice, in Bogota, Colombia’s capital. 

In the ensuing siege, 11 Supreme Court Justices, 48 Colombian military personnel and 35 terrorists were killed. 

Above: Colombian policeman hits the pavement as leftist guerrillas holding the Palace of Justice open up with submachine guns in Bogota, November 6, 1986. A group of plainclothes policemen huddles near two armored personnel carriers. The Palace of Justice building is at left behind the corrugated steel.


Puma GT, 1967/1970. Malzoni’s DKW GT morphed into the Puma, initially with a DKW engine but then, after being taken over by Volkswagen’s Brazilian subsidiary, with a 1.5 litre  VW flat 4. The design of the car also changed, in 1970 when the Puma was restyled to resemble a miniaturised Lamborghini Miura. Middle pics show the original DKW Malzoni GT alongside the Puma GT and the restyled Puma GTE of 1970