brazilian beachs

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Something with Yamamoto and his S/O going to the beach and her getting hit on when he's not around until he catches them?


You tugged at your bikini self-consciously. This was the first time you were wearing something like this in public in years and you weren’t quite used to showing so much skin because, well, there were certain expectations set on you as the Rain Guardian’s woman. 

Yes, it sucked that the Mafia treated you like you were the property of the second deadliest assassin but well.. where was the lie? You knew what you were signing up for. 

The two of you were headed for a private beach Takeshi recently had bought. It was pretty sunny so you guys had just decided to head out in beachwear and he had borrowed a Brazilian beach buggy to drive all the way there. 

You checked your phone as you waited for Takeshi getting you some ice-cream in the local town near by. You would’ve died from the heat if the car wasn’t hoodless.

“You look absolutely stunning, babe,” some guy approached you and whistled. 

“Thank you,” you said, feeling relieved that you didn’t look like a moron in the bikini. The compliment made you feel a little better. You got out of the car because it was rude to talk to just sit in when someone was being nice to you. “I’m waiting for my boyfriend. Do you live around here?”

“No,” the guy’s grin grew and the look on his face reminded you of a wolf. “I’m just here with some of my friends. It’s a nice day. Your boyfriend should’ve really kept an eye on you. If I were him, I would never keep my eyes off you.”

The compliments were odd but hey, he was just being nice.

The two of you talked but you couldn’t help but feel that there was something off. If you didn’t know better, you’d say the guy was flirting with you. He was getting a little too close to your personal space.

“I see you’ve made a new friend.” Your boyfriend appeared out of the blue and wrapped his arm around your waist. There was something poisonous about his tone and you saw the guy pale. You couldn’t see Takeshi’s face. The other man started stepping back, tripped over his feet and then started running away.


“Get in the car,” Takeshi handed you your ice-cream and took the driver’s seat. You quickly got in and he started driving

It was quiet for a few moments but then he grabbed your thigh with his free hand, tracing your panty with his fingers. You tried to bite back a shudder. Takeshi sometimes acted extremely rough and possessive, exposing his darkest nature to you. You knew where this was headed.

“You are so oblivious,” his hold on your thigh tightened and you kind of wanted it to bruise, “and it’s adorable right until some douchebag thinks they can make a move on you.”

Pfft,” you broke into laughter, “no one makes a move on me, Takeshi-”

His jaw tensed and the look on his face shut you up. He wasn’t in the mood to joke around. 

This side of Takeshi scared you but it thrilled you as well. You kind of wished he showed this side of his more often. You were fascinated with his darkness. 

The moment you two reached the private beach, he got off the car and picked you up bridal style. 

He laid you down on the beach and you looked up at him nervously. “You want to do it here? Outside?”

“It’s our private beach, (Name),” he said and bent down to lick your earlobe. “I want to take you underneath the sunlight. Watch you moan and writhe in clarity, knowing full well that this is a view no one will ever get.”

Your face flushed. “What brought this on?”

“If you don’t know when someone is flirting with you then I guess I need to make sure everyone knows you’re taken,” he growled. Takeshi pulled up your wrists above your head and locked them with his wrist as he bent down to bite your neck.