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Language Learning Struggles #2

me *eavesdropping on people speaking in my target language*

also me: *understands enough to want to be in the convo, but not enough to continue the convo*


Beauty and the Beast “I Love You” One-Line Multilanguage

I love listening to “I love you” in different languages so much.


Bu, 16, they, Brazilian Black - Arab.
I was born in 2000 so I really never lived a world where Arabs and Muslims weren’t dreaded upon and my race wasn’t the butt of very serious terrism jokes. My Arab family had come here to escape the Israeli-Arab conflict in Lebanon. Maybe I was lucky, cause Brazil wasn’t as hard on it as the USA, and Arabs tend to blend in quite well around here. I grew up distanced from all of my cultures and for a long while calling myself more than just “Brazilian” didn’t make any sense. But happily, in the last years I’ve been reconnecting and it’s been worderful.
I’m also mentally ill and a lesbian, which comes to the “oppression quote overdone, poor girl” stuff but for the special AFAD week I chose to talk about a part of me that’s been making been very happy lately, instead of angry. Despite being from the total opposite side of Asia I’m from, Amber J. Liu was very important to me coming into terms with being a gender-non-conforming Asian girl. She was the first woman of color I had reference of that presented her appearance differently. Being a tomboy always seemed like a white girl thing, Asian girls wouldn’t be like that, it’s not right of our cultures. I remember that after I first saw Amber in f(x), 11 or 12 years old, I was immediately obsessed with her style and started presenting as my little butch self just a couple months later. Since then, I’ve met many other amazing GNC Asian women, personally and through media, from all parts of Asia, and I’m very thankful for the strength we give each other. I saw many other faces in AFAD of women like us and I’m very happy for that.
As Asian women, let’s continue to be unapologetically gay, butch, gender-non-conforming, non-binary, transgender, all despite what White-Western society and our own cultures stand agaisnt us.

anonymous asked:

I didn't say that You were being hateful, I said comments like yours, with audiences like yours, will be used by racists as an excuse to further their racism, as well as hatred for other cultures and religions. That's it, that's the point. Not whether or not she's shitty, not whether or not her practices are bad. Also, black people can't be racist, racism implies systematic power, black people do not have systematic power over anyone.

I know you’re trying to be a good social justice ally but “a white person should never criticize any black person ever, for any reason, even impersonally over reasonable things” is… just… do you go outside? Ever

Racists will use anything to further their racism. Reasonable criticism over practices that put other people at risk (apparently the closet was in an apartment complex, not a house, meaning it’s a shared space where other people live) for easily preventable reasons isn’t going to do shit. She released the video as a publicity stunt; she wasn’t “outed” or “revealed”. Your suggestion that I’m somehow making her more vulnerable by saying that there are ways to do what she does without creating a dangerous biohazard is pretty ridiculous. 

I only brought up the fact that she’s a bigoted asshole because you seem to think that a relatively small-time blogger with followers who are mostly liberal teenagers is a threat to a multimillionaire international celebrity who is arguably most famous for being a mean, outspoken, bigoted jerk across all platforms of social media. She publicly endorsed Trump, uses racist and other slurs against people on a regular basis, mocks refugees and Mexicans and Asians and and Arabs and Brazilians and trans people and gay people and Muslims and Jewish people and rape survivors and other black women. Whether or not a wealthy black American is capable of being racist towards other non-white races is a different conversation and one I’m not going to get into, but this much is fact: she endorses and enforces racist stereotypes, supports racists, and uses racist language and concepts to demean and bully other people. Whether this technically qualifies as “racism” or not, it’s still real fucking bad. 

I didn’t bring up the fact that she’s an asshole because it wasn’t relevant to my original point, which was “you don’t have to create a hazardous mess and endanger yourself and others to do this other thing which I don’t have a problem with”.