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When I know I’ve fucked up really bad Cas comes to me speaking words of wisdom

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can you show us some Brazilian slang?


but I will show the ones people use the most. If anything I do a part 2

eita: you can use it for everything, it’s like “wow” or similars. “it costs $300″ “EITA”, “Then we kissed” “EITA”

eita porra: eita intensifies “it costs $700″ “EITA PORRA”

ata: it’s like “oh okay” but it evolved to SOMETHING ELSE and you can use anytime you dont know what to say. “you need a 12/10 to finish this subject” “ata” / “My mom died and my cat is sick and my hair is falling off!!” “…ata”

treta: drama, or a clusterfuck. Like I'm so tired of drama = Cansei de tanta treta. (but we love drama)

arrombado: someone annoying or really lucky. “He won the best prize. Arrombado”

tua cara: reminds you of someone, translates to your face. “I just saw a band shirt so cool. Tua cara”

teu cu: your asshole. You know that thing you said about me? Now its about your asshole. “Dude you are so ugly I want to scream and die” “teu cu”

caguei: it translates to basically “I shitted”. Like bullshit, you don’t care. “so then Privilege McWhite kissed Banana CreamCracker” “caguei”

corno: men whose wife cheated on him, insult. “A corno like him can’t talk shit about anyone”

porre: LOTS of alcohol. “Tomei um porre” = “I drank WAY too much” 

safado: someone without morals. “he just go around saying he loves them and then leaves out of nowhere” “Safado!”

nego: it would translate to n*gger, but here it lost basically all the meaning, I dont even know if it had a racist conotation to start. sometimes, you mean “sweatheart” like: “your baby is so cute” “meu nego <3″

cabueta: a tattletale. “he just told the teacher I cheated!” “Cabueta morre cedo” (tattletales die young)

oião: big eyes, someone who envy others often. “I want your dress” “saí daí (get out), oião”

ai dentu: its basically some kind of annoyed “fuck”, like when someone says something stupid, annoying or obviously a lie “I wish Brazil had a president like Trump” “aí dentu” 

quenga: bitch

tribufu: ugly bitch

rapariga: bitch, and a rebelious act against portugal (where rapariga just means girl)

boçal: thinks very highly of themselves, are annoying for that. “She said she doesnt want to ride the bus” “ Ela é muito boçal”

Weird how both presidents in Brazil and the USA got fucked almost at the same time

And by weird I mean awesome

They already put a motion for impeaching ours forward, you guys are lagging behind

This is all I ask for
  • Me: *sleeping soundly on Monday morning*
  • Me: *shuts alarm off and groans*
  • I would rather lose a limb than go today,maybe even rip out all my hair *whimpers* kill me
  • *door bursts open*
  • Sam: For a life of adventure where you don't need school
  • Cas: All you need is us!
  • Me:
  • Me: Don't gotta tell me twice *grabs bag of clothes and hops in and drives off never to be seen again*

jadjahsgdsa ok so like brazils government is in shambles and people are memeing about it and someone photoshopped a picture of naruto in our flags colors saying “THE SOLUTION FOR BRAZIL - PRESIDENT NARUTO” and its the ugliest and funniest thing ive ever seen

here he is

When you in class having a mental breakdown because none of this shit makes since and you just wanna walk out and never come back

JBS chairman taped Brazil president discussing hush money: O Globo

Thomson Reuters

SAO PAULO (Reuters) - The chairman of meatpacking giant JBS SA secretly recorded his discussion with Brazilian President Michel Temer about payments to jailed former House Speaker Eduardo Cunha in return for his silence, newspaper O Globo reported on Wednesday.

The paper reported, without saying how it obtained the information, that JBS Chairman Joesley Batista and his brother, Chief Executive Wesley Batista, presented the recording to prosecutors as part of plea bargain negotiations.

JBS also hired a law firm to discuss a leniency deal with the U.S. Department of Justice, O Globo reported. JBS declined to comment immediately. Temer’s representatives could not immediately be reached for comment.

(Reporting by Brad Haynes; Additional reporting by Alberto Alerigi Jr and Lisandra Paraguassu; Editing by Christian Plumb and Dan Flynn)

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Princess Madeleine shared this photo and the following on her Facebook: 

Global Child Forum was initiated by H.M. the King and H.M. the Queen of Sweden in 2009 as part of their long-standing commitment to children’s issues. It brings together thought leaders and influencers from business, civil society, academia and government in order to spur action for social change around children’s rights.

This year´s Global Child Forum was held in Sao Paolo on April 4, and was arranged in cooperation with Childhood Brasil and UNICEF. One of the highlights was when Brazil´s president Michel Temer, in the presence of Their Majesties, signed a bill to protect children who are victims of abuse and exploitation. The new bill states the need to protect young victims from suffering excessive exposure to the violence that has victimized them, either through unnecessary repetition, lack of a care and protection, or because professionals are often unprepared to assist this type of victim.

This is a milestone for children in Brazil and an inspiration to others. Many years of hard work by Childhood Brasil and their partners bearing fruit. A most of all: It´s a victory for children!

CANON WE HAVE A CANON BEHEHEHEHHE- okay I need to find my chill….

 OMG. This week the political world is on fire. Maybe here in Brazil and in the States we will see an impeachment going on soon. Or at least I do hope so.

The awful thing is: even Trump being the worst person, Temer and his monsters dismantled democracy, civil rights, basic labor rights, retirement regulations to their cores in a way that even in his absence, we brazilians are all screwed up anyway.