brazil vs colombia

Everything Will Pass

I usually write when I am sad, so i wrote this after yesterday. Hope you enjoy it x

You could hear him breaking down in his room. Quietly but still painful.

“Neymar?”, you try opening the door. It’s locked. “Neymar lemme in.”

You get no response.

“Neymar please open the door”, you try pushing the door again. “It hurts me to see you like this, baby, please, just open the door.”

He does and you come in to see his eyes red, sitting on the bed. Another dream of his has been shattered today and that was winning the Copa America. Neymar has been ruled out of Copa America for his “violent behavior”. The officials were just exaggerating the whole subject and giving him a 4 game ban, which was so unfair.

You go sit next to him and hold his hand in yours.

“You always told me that everything passes. This too will pass”, you pause. Everything’s gonna be okay, Ney. Please stay strong", you shed a tear. This was painful for you too, watching the love of your life suffer with utter pain and disappointment, it wasn’t easy.

“I just wanted to win this for my people….after what happened in the World Cup”, he lets out a small chuckle. “But I guess that’s not possible now”, he sighs.

“You know why I love you?”, you ask him suddenly. He looks up with a curious face. “It’s because you never give up and always carry a smile on your face…I’d like to see that smile again Ney”, you say looking into his deep hazel eyes.

He can’t help but give you a half smile after what you said but the smile fades quick.

“Your time will come”, you say placing your hand on his face, wiping his tear away. “Be patient”. You hug him tight, not wanting to ever let him go. “I love you”, you whisper as you rest your chin on his shoulder. “I love you too”, he whispers back.


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Gracias muchachos por toda la alegría que nos dieron. Gracias por darnos una razón para sonreír. Por volver Colombia un carnaval con cada triunfo. Gracias por jugar el futbol como se debe. Gracias por representaros tan bien ante el mundo. Gracias por volver a llevarnos al mundial de una manera tan histórica. Gracias Por Hacernos Soñar!!!



rosecityriveters  asked:

You should gif Neymar attacking Barragan last season. Or pushing Ruben vezo down the stairs. Because they culés are bound to love that

there’s also him head-butting murillo after kicking a ball into armero’s back after the final whistle of brazil vs colombia, copa américa 2015………. 

he actually did get a red card for that one tho.