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Brazilian Portuguese: Food Terms

If there’s one set of vocabulary words I didn’t care about while in the classroom, it was always “food” no matter what language I was learning. But after visiting Brazil, doing a home stay, and staying with a Brazilian family twice, I realize that food and cuisine in any country is really important to learn. 

“Important cuisine items” change with each country. Something like “rice” is really important in Japan but might not be as important in the United States. I’d also like to note that cuisine items differ depending on what region of Brazil you’re in (in this post I’m focusing on the more general items you can find throughout the region). 

Some vocabulary words will be accompanied with pictures because I definitely did not know what a freaking “coxinha” was when I was in the U.S. ;) 

Abacaxi - Pineapple 
Banana - Banana 
Goiaba - Guava
Laranja - Orange 
Limão - Lemon/lime*
Maçã - Apple 
Mamão - Papaya
Manga - Mango 
Maracujá - Passionfruit
Melancia - Watermelon 
Melão - Melon 
Morango - Strawberry 
Uva - Grape 
**For some people “limão” could be either lemon or lime, but lime could also be “lima” and lemon could be “limão.” 

Churrasco - “Barbecue” (but the Brazilian type) ; The people who work at the churrascaria usually come around with different meat/different parts of the animal meat and cut pieces right where you’re sitting. 

Calabresa - Pepperoni 
Camarão - Shrimp
Carne de boi - Beef 
Frango - Chicken 
Peixe - Fish
Porco / Carne de porco - Pork 
Presunto - Ham 
Salsicha - Sausage

Aipim frito - Fried cassava
Batata frita - French fries
Cachorro quente / Hotdog - Hotdog 
Coxinha - A teardrop-shaped breaded chicken pastry (pictured below) 

Esfiha - Meat-filled pastry (pictured above)**
Espetinho - Meat-on-a-stick (pictured below: beef and pork espetinho)  

Pão de Queijo - Cheese bread 
Pastel - Crunchier, crusty meat pie/pastry**
Polenta frita - Fried polenta 
Risólis - Doughy meat pastry**
Salsicha - Sausage (corn-dog esque)  
**Pastel, Esfiha, Risólis - These three are all more or less breaded pastries but each one is made with a different dough and/or has a different process of being made. You can pick what’s inside or whatever is available to you (e.g. ham and cheese, chicken, “carne” - beef, camarão, etc.)

Água - Water 
Café - Coffee
Chá - Tea 
Cerveja - Beer
Coca - Coke 
Guaraná - A flavor of Brazilian soda 
Refri (Refrigerante) - Soda 
Suco - Juice 
Suco de [insert fruit here] - [Fruit] juice 
Vinho - Wine 

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star trek asks: georgia space and san francisco 🌟

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my mom makes some really good veggie pasta but also rajas de chile poblano con elote y crema and pozole

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neon and pastel colours, bright shiny stuff, obscure jokes

Could they not have just made a Brazilian american girl doll, instead of making a white american girl doll whose story is that she travels to brazil and “discovers herself”? Like make an american girl of Brazilian heritage who is going to brazil to visit her relatives? This seems kind of colonialist for american girl to be doing.