brazil is waking up

Arcade Fire Song Titles
as sung by Arcade Fire
Arcade Fire Song Titles

old flame | i’m sleeping in a submarine | my heart is an apple | headlights look like diamonds | vampire / forest fire | une année sans lumière | crown of love | wake up | haiti | in the backseat | brazil | cold wind | black mirror | keep the car running | neon bible | ocean of noise | windowsill | no cars go | my body is a cage | broken window | surf city eastern bloc | the suburbs | ready to start | modern man | rococo | empty room | city with no children | month of may | wasted hours | deep blue | we used to wait | culture war | speaking in tongues | abraham’s daughter | reflektor | we exist | flashbulb eyes | here comes the night time | normal person | you already know | joan of arc | awful sound (oh eurydice) | it’s never over (hey orpheus) | porno | afterlife | supersymmetry | women of a certain age | soft power | get right | crucified again


Since here in Brazil is Autumn, lately, I’ve been waking up in bad mood, but today the sun decided to appear and my mood changed and I thought “You know what? I could do something to my potatoes (followers)!’ So I decide to give some shout outs for some of you guys. So, here go some blogs:


These shout outs going to the people that became my friends, tagged me in posts, messaged me and are really adorable and kind!

Rae (allthe5sosthings) / Vanessa (areyou-shor) / Angelica (asailorofmanyships) / Cami (ashtonssweaterpaws) / Gwen (auslly-our-juliet) / Catie (calvmhqqd) / Brandi (canwedance-onelastdance) / Emily (cleanluke) / Amy (condoraatheexplorer) / Heidi (curls-andcurves) / Sam (dasassygurl) / Mônica (hemmingscrazy) / Alli (heyitsrockylynch) / Andy (hushemmo) / Agustina (iwannabeacaligirl) / Keshana (keker5) / Holly (makemebeautiful66) / Yanet (m-e-t-a-b-o-l-i-s-m-s/ succitt) / Meeghan (mymusiclove101) / Laura (r5-secs-of-thevamps) / Raquel (reallyshor) / Nana (reallyxgrier / rydel-tutus / ajleexpaige) / Angie (rikerssmiles) / Martha (shutupcliffords) / Angelique (smartcooksr5)



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Thank you for every single one of you, you guys are amazing, I LOVE YOU ALL!

(Sorry if you blog is not tagged here, of course I will do another and tag your blog there)