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Brazil’s players Neymar (L) and Philippe Coutinho joke during a training session of the national football team at the Atletico Mineiro Training Centre in Vespasiano, Minas Gerais, Brazil, on November 13, 2016 ahead of their 2018 World Cup qualifier match against Peru.

Confession: As a fellow Brazillian I think that Lucio not having an accent and some words in Portuguese is a waste of characterization. It would be so cool to hear a character from such a popular game speaking with like me when a speak in english and with and speaking my language too.

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Matthew filing complaints in the UN after Alfred accidentally says “there’s always next year” in an attempt to comfort Matthew after Canadian team loses the Stanley cup final.

Matthew demanding unilateral action.

Alfred murmuring “why are you like this your teams have been losing for years /but the cup comes back every year most of the nhl is canadian why are you like this/”

Arthur telling Matthew hockey is just a game and to calm down.

“Fuck you Arthur, soccer is just a game. Hockey is a way of life”

The entire general assembly takes offense to that. Even Ludwig is too offended to call for order.

(Hockey nations probably quietly agree but remain neutral.)

(Brazil has to be restrained)

Alfred just leaves.

(He comes back for Matthew bc leaving a bro to the mercy of soccer fans goes against Bro Code. Naturally, Matthew is ungrateful.

He gets over it.)


I agree completely with this. I have previously said that Neymar has the room to learn from his mistakes and improve behavioraly, and that Dunga gave him the captaincy for a reason. I still stand by this, but steeping back, I can see how rushed the decision was. Neymar doesn’t need to be the captain to be the best. It is impossible for him to do that while being put in the positions that other teams put him in. He’s ones of the best, and they know it. Therefore they do everything they can to stop him, and with a shit referee they get away with it. Pelé was not captain, and he will be a legend till the end of time. Let Neymar play football, that’s all.