The Surrealism of Everyday Life with @vinicius_eneas

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(This interview was conducted in Portuguese.)

“It does not have to be a rhinoceros crossing the street,” says the 25-year-old advertising copywriter Vinícius Enéas (@vinicius_eneas) about capturing what he calls the “surrealism of everyday life” in his photographs. Vinícius is interested in documenting the unusual aspects of everyday life that are often overlooked. “These details catch my attention, whether they are beautiful, sad or eccentric,” he says. Vinícius, who has spent nearly a decade in the Brazilian city of Natal, famous for its postcard scenery of sand dunes and pristine beaches, challenges himself to show other sides of the city. “Most people see Natal as paradise, and for a tourist, it definitely is. But living here is different, so it’s good to be able to show other perspectives, which are just as real, perhaps even more so.”

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Brazilian History #2

Capoeira is a martial art created in Brazil. 

During training, everyone forms a circle and a number of people play a rhythm by way of some traditional instruments, which may include (but are not limited to)

while another leads everyone in a song and two people take the centre of the circle and, moving to the rhythm of the song, perform martial arts moves without actually making physical contact like one would when practising moves in most martial arts training (unless in the sense of using the other as a platform for a jump or flip, etc).


It was created when slave owners forbade the slaves from learning how to fight, in fear they would then rebel against their oppressors. 

So when the slave masters would see them doing Capoeira and say that they were learning how to fight, slaves would be all innocently confused like “What on Earth you talking about, bruh? We’re just dancing! See? We got musical instruments and everything!”

In other words: In true Brazilian style, slaves responded to being told they couldn’t learn how to fight by creating the martial art equivalent of 

NSA Intercepts 98% of Latin American Communications - Assange
The US National Security Agency (NSA) intercepts nearly all communications in the South American continent, the founder of the WikiLeaks whistleblower portal, Julian Assange, said Tuesday.
By Sputnik

The website leaked a trove of documents over the weekend, implicating the NSA in wiretapping some 29 Brazilian high-level government and economic officials.

The revelations fueled a rift in bilateral ties created by a similar disclosures in 2013, when Brazilian President Dilma Roussef’s communications were also revealed to have been tapped.