The Surrealism of Everyday Life with @vinicius_eneas

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(This interview was conducted in Portuguese.)

“It does not have to be a rhinoceros crossing the street,” says the 25-year-old advertising copywriter Vinícius Enéas (@vinicius_eneas) about capturing what he calls the “surrealism of everyday life” in his photographs. Vinícius is interested in documenting the unusual aspects of everyday life that are often overlooked. “These details catch my attention, whether they are beautiful, sad or eccentric,” he says. Vinícius, who has spent nearly a decade in the Brazilian city of Natal, famous for its postcard scenery of sand dunes and pristine beaches, challenges himself to show other sides of the city. “Most people see Natal as paradise, and for a tourist, it definitely is. But living here is different, so it’s good to be able to show other perspectives, which are just as real, perhaps even more so.”


Well, Daniel Alves da Silva, is an international hero. He is trying to put it all out there for the world to see, he is trying to save Brazilian football, the players and the new generation that will carry the legacy after them. He is also involving the fans, who are a huge part of the game. We’ve been lied to, although we carry the weight around with our team, the humiliation and the anger. We share goals and views with them and the cbf is fooling us. But thank God, someone like Dani comes along, knowing very well that he won’t be called anymore after this, just like Thiago. But it doesn’t matter to him because he’s had enough. Dani Alves is a legend, I strongly believe in everything he stands for, every word he says is pure gold. Oh, and Dani, I’m sorry that I mocked your hair once .. or twice .. you look absolutely fantastic in the ‘dog poo’ style, honestly you slay!

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Whose genius idea was it, to put Dunga as coach of Brazil over Pep Guardiola? Please, some one give me reasons because I can’t find any. The CBF claimed they chose Dunga because they didn’t know if people would accept Pep… BULLSHIT. Name one person who likes Dunga. One, just one… nothing comes to mind, right? That’s because NO ONE FUCKING LIKES DUNGA. If you are willing to risk the well being of YOUR national team, how its perceived by other, how its OWN PEOPLE come to view it, then you are pure shit. No one in the right mind would choose Dunga over Pep. Pep coached Barça and won a fucking treble with them, he is currently coaching Bayen Munich, who are doing great right now. He is one of the most respected coaches in the world, and you come with the pure bullcrap that Dunga is better than him for Brazil. No, please shove that excuse up your ass.

Ilha Grande, state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Ilha Grande is a tropical paradise a couple of hours off the coast of Rio de Janeiro. It is part of the city Angra dos Reis which belongs to Costa Verde or the “green coast”. From beaches to jungle treks, there is something for everyone here. Boat tours are a common tourist activity and all the locals earn their living through the tourism industry.

By Sandeepa and Chetan ( http://sandeepachetan.com )