So, I’m flying from Brazil to Los Angeles to go to my first Taylor Swift concert!!! The only time Taylor came to Brazil I couldn’t make it to the concert due family issues… I was really sad about that because I’m a fan since I first heard one of Taylor’s songs on radio (2008). This is the t-shirt my mom and I will be wearing at the concert. I’m really excited about seeing Taylor performing. So, I’ll be there on August 24th at Staples Center (section 318- row 11- seats 27, 28 and 29). I choose this picture of Taylor because it’s the only picture she posted while she was in Brazil. I would really appreciate it if you could reblog this post so Taylor may see it.

Modern-Day Slavery

Al Jazeera America has published the second in a series of articles about slave labor in Brazil, with photos by Getty Images staff photographer Mario Tama:

In a small settlement in the countryside of the northeastern state of Piauí, from which many slaves are trafficked, Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos, 42, hacks at a sunflower plant with a scythe. His modest lime green house sits amid rosebushes on a red gravel track lined with several dozen identical homes.

In 2004 he was rescued by federal inspectors from slavery on a farm in Pará on the eastern edge of the Amazon, along with 14 others also from his hometown of Monsenhor Gil.

Read the full story, and see more of Mario’s photos, on the AJAM website.

And they’re Quick to say Go back to Africa etc like they were here first. The only reason they knew how to get here is because Colombus had Moorish navigators that had already been here.

Fake illegal ass “Americans” but want to complain about the Black and Spanish community. Tell me to go back like my ancestors weren’t here first. Wanna tell my spanish folks they’re illegal when his family been on this continent for centuries.

How about We DEPORT them!!!

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