I’ve always hated indy wrestling fliers and posters. They’ve always looked cluttered, completely lacking in creativity, and just all around ugly. For some reason I was curious what a Wrestlemania 30 poster would look like in this style. I figured I’d do my best to recreate this myself (it was surprisingly more difficult than I could imagine. Making things purposely bad is tough).

Consider this like it’s a Marvel Comics “What If?” issue. “What if” WWE were a local indy wrestling federation presenting their 30th Wrestlemania and hired some local graphic designer to make fliers to stick on cars in parking lots around the city?

The amazing, hilarious Kyle Starks painted this for me as part of his Kickstarter. The prompt was “Bray Wyatt, literal eater of worlds.” I couldn’t be happier with the result. - go there and buy Sexcastle and Ricky Thunder and everything else you can find.

#BrayWyatt is freakin’ hilarious in this pic!! 😂😂😂 #repost #y2j #ChrisJericho #lukeharper #romanreigns #losmatadores #cesaro #sheamus #squadgoals #wwe #wrestling #raw #smackdown #wwenetwork #funny #lol
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Ladies & Gents, may I introduce the charter members of the #LukeHarper fan club…. #yeahyeahyeah

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#deanambrose #braywyatt #SurvivorSeries dean ambrose put bray Wyatt through a table!!!!

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Sooooo, this is my first entry for the #thingaweek2016. I decided to do choose a theme to keep it fun, so I pick something that I really enjoy, and thats wrestling, so in the next 52 weeks, you’ll see some of these moments, entrance o something along those lines. I’ll keep working in other stuff too, but this is going to be my theme. mark this as 1 of 52