“Some mornings, she’d wake and vow, Today, I will get it right. I won’t be such an awful mess of a girl. I won’t lose my temper or make unkind remarks. I won’t go too far with a joke and feel the room go quiet with disapproval. I’ll be good and kind and sensible and patient. The sort everyone loves. But by evening, her good intentions would have unraveled. She’d say the wrong thing or talk a little too loudly. She’d take a dare she shouldn’t, just to be noticed. Perhaps Mabel was right, and she was selfish. But what was the point of living so quietly you made no noise at all? “Oh, Evie, you’re too much,” people said, and it wasn’t complimentary. Yes, she was too much. She felt like too much inside all the time. So why wasn’t she ever enough?”

if you don't have at least one character you call "my baby" on the show you are yet to be a part of the fandom


            “During the last six years of his life, Henry VII became a virtual recluse in a “court grim and sombre”, his reputation for miserliness and paranoia growing markedly worse. The reign was plunged into crisis: in a short period of three years he lost his heir, Prince Arthur; his wife, Queen Elizabeth of York; a baby Princess, Katherine; his most trusted advisor since the beginning of his reign, Cardinal John Morton; and a loyal friend and counselor, Reginald Bray. Rarely visible, he seemed not to want to be seen. For those who caught a glimpse of him, he seemed to be more dead than alive…”

michael marcus as young!henry, and sharlto copley as old!henry  [insp]

So I finally watched Mania. Some points that stood out to me...

Daniel Bryan winning the IC Title; who didn’t see that coming. Anything to keep his marks from bitching. Giving they are the biggest cry babies.

Dean Ambrose almost dies. Not only did Ambrose lose another fucking PPV event but Luke Harper just about kills him, seriously I have always thought Luke Harper was a careless wrestler; he’s not in CZW now. 

Not getting an update on Dean or Stardust throughout the entire night and beyond.

Randy Orton wearing red trunks. 

Randy Orton beat Seth Rollins.

Stings entrance.

HHH’s entrance.

NWO, Sting and DX have a stare down at the end.

Divas match don’t care tbh but it looks like at the end when Paige hugged AJ she said, “I love you so much” which is really only said to a wrestler when they are leaving.

John Cena won; who didn’t see that coming? 

The Rock shows up.

Ronda Rousey gets in the ring.

Steph mouths off to Ronda.

Ronda hip tosses HHH

Ronda gets a hold of Steph

Undertaker takes back what is his.

Lesnar bleeding.

Seth is cashing in.

That final spear to Lesnar.

Seth won.