Ok so a week ago we picked some mayapples at eggers grove - which has many mayapples - in order to plant them at Beaubien Woods - which has no mayapples. The planting date was scheduled for August 6th (which is still going to happen - come thru!) but one thing I didn’t foresee was how keeping hundreds of fermenting mayapples in your house is the quickest way to get evicted. They smelled SO. BAD. So I planned on spreading them with the Friends of the Forest Preserves summer crew today. But it’s pouring. So only Braxton and Luis (and this toad) were brave enough to run through the woods along our new trail and spread the fermented stink turds. All star team here. It was awesome. (at Beaubien Forest Preserve)

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Bye Bye...(Media Version)

Can we leave the following behind in 2011?

 – the use of “bling.”  Unfortunately, this rolls off too many a suburban mom’s tongue these days, and it’s cringe-worthy every time.

 – anything “”  Popularized by one of the unknown Braxton sisters (um, for those keeping score, that would be any and all of them except Toni), this phrase is repeated and tweeted ad nauseum.  It’s like a new “Legally Blonde” catch phrase – only slightly more irritating.

 – all “occupy” statements.  Is there possibly anything left to occupy??  Great concept, overused to the hilt.

 – all catfight ish:  "Mob Wives,“ "Real Housewives,” “Love & HipHop,” “Basketball Wives,” etc., etc.  Life was so much easier when we only suspected people acted this ignorant behind closed doors and amongst themselves.

 – celeb and politico Twitter rants and the forced apologies that come after.  You know you meant to say it, and you’re in the public eye, so you know thousands read it. Save the insincere “sorrys” and just think before you Tweet.

*sigh*  we can only hope…


This is the Tamar Braxton Fashion Film we did. It’s to LOVE AND WAR and filmed in her home. Enjoy… It’s not all of the looks, but a good deal. We can’t reveal ‘em all!!

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