2 weeks left of work!!

fucking finally! not even full weeks. Im 35 weeks today so only 5 more give or take to go. Im so so excited to meet her. Braxton hicks contractions are off the chart and shes starting to drop in to my pelvis. I feel her head down there and its not comfy. 

My house is a fucking mess as we are still renovating and its driving me nuts. I still havent set up her nursery and its the sole reason Ben and I fight. It better be done this weekend.

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Last movie you saw: A Walk in the Clouds

Last song you listened to: “Unbreak my Heart” by Toni Braxton.

Last show you watched: Wynonna Earp

Last book you read: The Rithmatist by Brandon Sanderson

Last thing you ate: cereal

If you could be anywhere rn, where’d you be: visiting my family in the US

Where’d you time travel to: if it could safely be done, I’d like to check out ancient Greece

The 1st thing you’d do with lottery money: Pay off bills; mine, my sisters’, my parents, etc.

What fictional character would you hang out with: I always wanted to hang out with Storm, Rogue, or Nightcrawler when I was a kid.

Time right now: 9:56



Bye Bye...(Media Version)

Can we leave the following behind in 2011?

 – the use of “bling.”  Unfortunately, this rolls off too many a suburban mom’s tongue these days, and it’s cringe-worthy every time.

 – anything “”  Popularized by one of the unknown Braxton sisters (um, for those keeping score, that would be any and all of them except Toni), this phrase is repeated and tweeted ad nauseum.  It’s like a new “Legally Blonde” catch phrase – only slightly more irritating.

 – all “occupy” statements.  Is there possibly anything left to occupy??  Great concept, overused to the hilt.

 – all catfight ish:  "Mob Wives,“ "Real Housewives,” “Love & HipHop,” “Basketball Wives,” etc., etc.  Life was so much easier when we only suspected people acted this ignorant behind closed doors and amongst themselves.

 – celeb and politico Twitter rants and the forced apologies that come after.  You know you meant to say it, and you’re in the public eye, so you know thousands read it. Save the insincere “sorrys” and just think before you Tweet.

*sigh*  we can only hope…

►►Braxton Family Values S5E12 : Trick Thy Sister


Air Date : May 19th, 2016
Season Number : 5
Episode Number : 12
Episode Name : Trick Thy Sister
Networks : WE tv

Gabe makes a shocking confession to Trina. Later, Tamar performs at an exclusive event; Traci tricks her sisters at her studio session; and Toni’s dinner is ruined after Tamar’s insulted.