Finally having braxton hicks again… it’s been a couple weeks since I’ve noticed any. Ever since I had those painful ones when my body was worn out and I was dehydrated I haven’t felt any. I’ve probably been having them but wasn’t paying attention enough to feel them since they don’t hurt. In fact, I know I have been but I’ve expected pain or discomfort with them so I wrote them off as baby movements. I had one last night while Maddie was kicking and I think that’s why I noticed it. She was moving around like normal and then I felt my belly going hard and even though she was moving exactly as she was before it felt weaker from the outside. I couldn’t write that one off as her pushing on me because I could feel her wiggling around. Now I’m more aware of them and I’ve had 2 since I woke up. Definitely not painful at all, I hardly feel anything, but they make me have to pee. :/ also, my uterus is literally the size of a basketball lol


28 Days of Febressuary - Day 23 - Luther Braxton Pt 1

I always find it hard to watch Ressler hanging on the chains. It’s as close to torture as we’ve seen him endure. But that look at the end of Pt 1 when he knew he was about to die is pure Ressler. He looks up, stoic, silent, and ready to meet his maker. He’s beaten and he’s going to die like a man with his head held high with as much defiance as he can muster under the circumstances.


28 Days of Febressuary - Day 23 - Luther Braxton Pt 2

I had a few fave moments from Pt 2. Fixing up the two way on the oil rig to reach further - working with Red. Aram, the master hugger as he sees them safe. Ress losing his cool with the pharmacy guy (one can’t help but wonder if he was ultra sensitive at the thought of Liz being drugged, knowing his own history). And the rain. That rainy Se7en type scene that Diego loved filming! I loved it too!