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521: Flatwoods Monster

“Of all the eerie saucer stories, this was the weirdest… when the time came to admit that the saucers were real, the slightest official hint of possible menace would be quickly remembered. From that angle the sutton story was dangerous, with it’s picture of a fearsome creature intelligent enough to build and control space ships.”

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Illness by The Flatwoods Monster

On September 12, 1952, the Flatwoods Monster was first sighted in Braxton County, West Virginia. After the sighting, all involved individuals reported having swelling and irritation of the nose and throat. The gentleman who was the head of the group also suffered from convulsions and vomiting. When examined by a doctor, the doctor said they shared symptoms with individuals who had inhaled mustard gas. The individuals reported that the creature released a mist of sorts. 

598: Flatwoods Monster (Maid)

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Just A Mean Green Mother From Outer Space!

I have solved the case of the Flatwoods Monster! My pal Trey the Explainer did some videos on the Phantom of Flatwoods recently - well, turns out it wasn’t just owls behind it all (as is the case for half of all existing cryptids - it is a fact that owls love to scare the shit out of people). This creature was in fact an extraterrestrial in a dress!


The January 1953 Fate contained famed saucer investigator Gray Barker’s write-up on the September 1952 Braxton County incident.

Near the town of Flatwoods WV, a mother, a couple teens, and several children encountered a strange menacing creature in the woods while investigating a meteor crash. As one of the first accounts of interaction with a saucer occupant, the story traveled far and wide.

Gray Barker (1925-84)  was a Clarksburg WV theatrical booker, saucer enthusiast, and prankster who created much of contemporary UFO mythology. This Fate article was his ticket to national prominence in the saucer field.

The Flatwoods Monster, also known as the Braxton County Monster or the Phantom of Flatwoods, is an alleged unidentified extraterrestrial or cryptid reported to have been sighted in the town of Flatwoods in West Virginia, on September 12, 1952. 

Various descriptions of the entity exist. Most agree that it was at least 7 feet tall, had a black body, and a black face which appeared to glow from within. Witnesses described the creature’s head as elongated, with non-human eyes. Witnesses describe the head as either shaped like a sideways diamond, or as having a large circular cowling behind it. The creature’s body was described as inhumanly-shaped and clad in a dark pleated exoskeleton; later described as a shadow. Some accounts record that the creature appeared to have “no visible arms” due to its incredible speed. Others describe it as having long, stringy arms which protruded from the front of its body, ending in long, claw-like fingers. A large, pulsating red ball of light that hovered above or rested on the ground was associated with the monster. Ufologists believe that it may have been a powered craft that the entity had piloted.

At 7:15 PM on September 12, 1952, two brothers, Edward and Fred May, and their friend Tommy Hyer (ages 13, 12 and 10 respectively) witnessed a bright object cross the sky. 

Upon witnessing the object, the boys went to the home of the May brothers’ mother, Kathleen May, where they reported seeing a UFO crash land in the hills. From there, Mrs. May, accompanied by the three boys, local children Neil Nunley (14) and Ronnie Shaver (10), and 17-year-old West Virginia National Guardsman Eugene Lemon, traveled to the area where it had supposedly landed in an effort to locate whatever it was that the boys had seen.

Lemon’s dog ran ahead out of sight and suddenly began barking, and moments later ran back to the group with its tail between its legs. After traveling about ¼ of a mile the group reached the top of a hill, where they reportedly saw a large pulsating “ball of fire” about 50 feet to their right. They also detected a pungent mist that made their eyes and noses burn. Lemon then noticed two small lights over to the left of the object, underneath a nearby oak tree and directed his flashlight towards them, revealing the creature, which was reported to have emitted a shrill hissing noise before gliding towards them, changing direction and then heading off towards the red light. At this point the group fled in panic.

Upon returning home, Mrs. May contacted local Sheriff Robert Carr and Mr. A. Lee Stewert, co-owner of the Braxton Democrat, a local newspaper. Stewert conducted a number of interviews and returned to the site with Lemon later that night, where he reported that “there was a sickening, burnt, metallic odor still prevailing”. Sheriff Carr and his deputy Burnell Long searched the area separately, but reported finding no trace of the encounter.

Early the next morning, on Saturday September 13, Mr. A Lee Stewert visited the site of the encounter for a second time and discovered two elongated tracks in the mud, as well as traces of a thick black liquid. He immediately reported them as being possible signs of a saucer landing, based on the premise that the area had not been subjected to vehicle traffic for at least a year. 

After the event, Mr. William and Donna Smith, investigators associated with Civilian Saucer Investigation, LA, obtained a number of accounts from witnesses who claimed to have experienced a similar or related phenomena. These accounts included the story of a mother and her 21 year-old-daughter, who claimed to have encountered a creature with the same appearance and odor a week prior to the September 12 incident. The encounter reportedly affected the daughter so badly that she was confined to Clarksburg Hospital for three weeks. They also gathered a statement from the mother of Eugene Lemon, in which she said that, at the approximate time of the crash, her house had been violently shaken and her radio had cut out for 45 minutes, and a report from the director of the local Board of Education in which he claimed to have seen a flying saucer taking off at 6:30 on the morning of September 13 (the morning after the creature was sighted).

After encountering the creature, several members of the September 12 group reported suffering from similar symptoms, which persisted for some time and which they attributed to having been exposed to the mist emitted by the creature. The symptoms included irritation of the nose and swelling of the throat. Lemon suffered from vomiting and convulsions throughout the night, and had difficulties with his throat for several weeks afterward.

A doctor who treated several of the witnesses is reported to have described their symptoms as being similar to victims of mustard gas, though such symptoms are also commonly found in sufferers of hysteria, which can be brought on by exposure to a traumatic or shocking event.

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Who is that character you call Flatwoods?

The Flatwoods Monster (Also known as the Braxton County Monster) was a bizarre creature initially sighted predominantly within the town of Flatwoods, in correlation with a series of intense UFO sightings. The creature was described very similar to how I illustrated such, but it was more likely mechanical in nature given its capability to spew toxic fumes. It terrorized several groups of eyewitnesses back during its hay-day, causing serious physical side-effects from its presence; and given that it was reported along with UFOlogical activity, many presume it to be extraterrestrial in origin. It is also ben witnessed without it’s upper “ace of spades” covering and reported as some form of reptilian creature in nature.

Given the similar time period and location (Both heralding from West Virginia) many enjoy correlating the entities as interacting with one another. 


The Flatwoods Monster - Braxton County, WV - Sept. 1952

From the town of Flatwoods, of Braxton County, West Virginia, comes the mysterious tale of a burning craft which fell from the sky, and a mysterious being. The account began in the afternoon of September 12, 1952 when Sheriff Robert Carr and his Deputy Burnell Long received a call from witnesses who had seen the fiery object as it crashed into the earth. The unknown object had crashed on the Elk River, south of Gassaway. The natural assumption was that an airplane had faltered, and fallen from the skies. Not long afterward, a second unusual sighting was made by some school buddies at the Flatwoods School. Shortly before nightfall, four boys playing football saw something fall on a hill not far from the school playground.

The boys, at first frightened, succumbed to their youthful curiosity, and headed for the sight, which was on the property of one Bailey Fisher. They proceeded up the hill, stopping at the house of Kathleen May, excitedly telling her of what they had seen. Kathleen and her two sons joined the search party. Reaching the top of the hill, Mrs. May remarked that, …the night was foggy and there was a mist in the evening air.“ "… the air had a metallic smell which burned our eyes and noses.” A dog was reported to have ran ahead of the group only to return with his tail between his legs, frightened by something.

The Flatwoods Monster, also known as the Braxton County Monster or the Phantom of Flatwoods, is an alleged unidentified extraterrestrial or cryptid reported to have been sighted in the town of Flatwoods in Braxton County, West Virginia, on September 12, 1952. It might be a close encounter of the third kind. Most agree that it was at least 10 feet tall and that it had a red face which appeared to glow from within, and a green body. Witnesses described the creature’s head as having bulging, non-human eyes and as either being shaped like a heart, or as having a large heart shaped cowling behind it. It was wearing a green skirt. Earlier, some people saw a bright object across the sky that later crashed in the grown. Some went to investigate and detected a pungent mist that made their eyes and noses burn. Then they saw the creature, which emmited a shrill whistle before gliding towards them, changing direction and then heading off towards the crash site. After this, the group fled in panic. Early in the next morning there were discovered in the encounter site two elongated tracks in the mud, as well as traces of a thick black liquid. After these events, the group became sick because of the mist emitted by the creature. A doctor who treated most of the witnesses is reported to have described their symptoms as being similar to victims of mustard gas.