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Celebrate Black History Month!
Public Figure Profile: Toni Braxton
Born: October 7th,1967

Living Legend Toni Braxton is not only a Grammy award winning recording artists she is also a actress,mother, pianist,producer, author and Lupus survivor. Toni Braxton came on the scene in 1994 with her smash hit, Another Sad Love Song but was put on the crossover map when her record company released Unbreak My Heart. She was the first African American woman to play Belle in the Broadway production of Beauty and the Beast. With her newfound fame came many more problems. She had to file for bankruptcy not once but twice! It wasn’t until she came from her bankruptcy and her continued fight with lupus that she came back to the music scene only to announce her retirement. She received words from the likes of Prince, Anita Baker and many others not to retire because she had a voice that shouldn’t be held in. It was with her longtime co-worker Babyface Edmonds, that she won another grammy in 2014.

Let’s talk about this Tamar getting fire on “The Real” thing and the hypocrisy of some of the black people who are glad that Tamar got fired because she was “ghetto” and “loud” and I understand you all opinions, BUT let’s get to the ‘The Three Bears’ story on this. You guys want people to view black women not at the stereotype that Tamar present, but now you all are saying that Tamera is boring because she has a different gentle sweet life style? It’s like the “It’s too hot” “It’s too cold” situation. 

If we are loud or “ghetto” we need to bring it down and we are too much?

If we are seen as sweet and gentle we are boring?

Black women always have to change because of what everyone of us should do, wear out hair and act like we a s Sim character and change to their liking. WE do not work like that.    


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