Maurine Olympic goal at the Pan Am final

Torneio Internacional de Brasilia Futebol Feminino 2014 (10-21 December)

Wednesday - 10/12
19:20 (22:20 CET/4:20pm ET)- China vs. USA
21:50 (0:50 CET/ 6:50pm ET)- Brazil vs. Argentina

Sunday - 14/12
16:00 (19:00 CET/1pm ET)- Argentina vs. China
18:45 (21:45 CET/3:45pm ET)- Brazil vs. USA

Wednesday - 17/12
19.20 (22:20 CET/4:20pm ET)- USA vs. Argentina
21:50 (0:50 CET/ 6:50pm ET)- Brazil vs. China

Sunday - 21/12
16:00 (19:00 CET/1pm ET)- Decision of 3rd place
18:45 (21:45 CET/3:45pm ET)- Final

You can buy tickets for the games ranging from R$ 25.00-50 (for both games on the day) here. Bandsports (Brazil) is showing all games, as they did last year. The games will also be available on their streaming site. Last year the streams were free and not geoblocked but I haven’t been able to find the link yet.