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Top 10 highest paid female footballers

as of June 26, 2015 (Source: Time.Com)

10. Laure Boulleau (France) - $60,000
9. Jonelle Filligno (Canada) - $60,000
8. Hope Solo (USA) - $22,000-$65,000
7. Nilla Fischer (Sweden) - $65,000
6. Amandine Henry (France) - $60,000-$70,000
5. Nicole Banecki (Germany) - $90,000
4. Sydney Leroux (USA) - $60,000-$92,500
3. Abby Wambach (USA) - $190,000-$300,000
2. Marta (Brazil) - $400,000
1. Alex Morgan (USA) - $450,000

Yes. Support the girls. But also support whoever is actually going to win the medals as well.

Women’s soccer is still seen as inferior to men’s. Just because the USWNT isn’t in it, don’t stop watching the games. Don’t prove to the world that no one has interest in Women’s soccer. Keep watching the quarterfinals. Keep watching the medal matches. All events are still streaming whether the US is in them or not. Support the beautiful game and ALL the beautiful women who are playing it.

Those Hope Solo posts aren’t funny… If the Olympics were happening in the USA and the brazilian athletes took pictures wearing bullet proof vests you guys wouldn’t be calling them dorks or laughing about it. And honestly she shouldn’t be worried at all. Nobody dies from zika, people die from lack of treatment and the athletes are going to receive better medical treatment in a month then the rest of the brazilian population receives their whole life.