a big list of french adjectives 💐

🌻 Describing People:

1. Physical appearance

aguichant- enticing, alluring
avachi- limp, sloppy, baggy
baraqué- well-built
bizarre- strange
boursouflé- bloated
bronzé- tanned
chétif,-ive- weak, sickly
débraillé- untidy, sloppy
dépenaillé- unkempt
douteux, -euse- doubtful, dubious, questionable
élancé- slim
frêle- frail, fragile
grand- tall
grassouillet, ette- plump
gros, grosse- fat
hâlé- tanned
insolite- unusual, quirky
maigre- skinny
mignon- nice, sweet
mince- slender
musclé - brawny, muscular
nerveux- nervous, upset
pâle- pale
potelé- plump (like a baby)
rabougri- wizened, shrivelled
séduisant - attractive, charming, seductive

2. Character

abruti- idiotic
acariâtre- sour, bad-tempered
antipathique- unfriendly
anodin- harmless
astucieux, euse- clever, astute, shrewd
atone- lifeless, expressionless
avisé- sensible, wise
borné- narrow-minded (“bornez-vous!” limit yourself)
braillard- describes someone who complains a lot
brave- good, honest, brave
candide- naive, ingenuous, innocent, trusting
casanier,-iere- homebody, home lover
compassé- starchy, stiff
compliqué- complicated; fussy (e.g. about food)
compréhensif,-ive-  understanding
dépravé- perverted
dévoyé- perverted
difficile- difficult
distrait- absent-minded, distracted
drôle- funny
ennuyeux,-euse- boring
évolué- broad-minded, independent, progressive
exigeant- demanding
extraverti- extrovert
faiblard- weak, feeble
fainéant- lazy, idle
falot- dreary, bland
farfelu- eccentric, bizarre
franc- candid
futé- cunning, smart
guindé- stiff, awkward
imprévisible- unforeseeable
juste- fair
lunatique- temperamental
maladroit- clumsy
mal commode- bad-tempered
malicieux,-euse- mischievous, naughty
malin- cunning
malveillant- malicious, malevolent, spiteful
maniaque- finicky, fussy
marrant- funny; odd
maussade- gloomy, sullen
méchant- malicious, nasty
méfiant- distrustful, suspicious
méprisant- contemptuous, disdainful
névrosé- neurotic
perspicace- perceptive, insightful
primesautier-iere- impulsive
rébarbatif -ive- hostile, off-putting
renfrogné- sullen
replié sur soi-meme- introverted, withdrawn
rusé- cunning
sage - well-behaved, good
saugrenu - absurd
sensé- sensible
sensible- sensitive
sérieux,-euse- serious, responsible
susceptible- touchy, sensitive, delicate
sympathique- nice, friendly
terre-á-terre- down-to-earth
tordu- warped, twisted
travailleur-euse- hard-working

3. Mood

accablé- distressed
admiratif, -ive- admiring
affolé- in a panic
amer, -ere -bitter
assoupi- drowsy
béat- blissfully happy; smug, complacent
cafardeux,-euse- in the dumps
débordé (de travail)- snowed under (with work)
décontracté- relaxed
détendu- relaxed
découragé- disheartened, discouraged
dépité- vexed
désemparé- distraught, at a loss
effaré (de)- alarmed (at)
énergique- energetic
enthousiaste- enthusiastic
gai- cheerful
bien ententionné- well-intentioned
lointain- distant
mélancolique- gloomy
navré- sorry, apologetic, upset
paumé- lost, at sea
ravi -delighted
surpris- surprised
tendu- tense
vanné- exhausted
vexé- annoyed

🌿 Describing ideas or events

1. Positive
alléchant - tempting, mouth-watering
attendrissant- touching
bénéfique- beneficial
commode- convenient
cocasse- funny, comical
conforme (á)- conforming (with)
convenable- fitting, acceptable, respectable
déroutant - disconcerting
détaillé - comprehensive, detailed
distinct - separate, distinct
équitable - fair
excellent - excellent, first-rate
formidable - fantastic
fulgurant - dazzling, thundery
grave - serious
honnête - decent
hors pair - exceptional
impeccable - great, without flaws
important - important
marrant - funny
merveilleux - marvellous
parfait - perfect
passionnant - exciting
percutant - powerful, striking, forceful
primordial - of prime importance
propice - favorable, suitable
raisonnable - reasonable
rarissime - extremely rare
recherché - much sought-after, studied
réconfortant - comforting
réjouissant - delightful
rentable - profitable, financially viable
réussi - successful, well-done
sagace - sagacious
sage - wise
sensationnel - sensational
spontané - spontaneous
subtil - subtle
surprenant - surprising
véridique - truthful

2. Negative
aberrant - absurd, nonsensical
abominable - abominable
affreux - dreadful, ghastly
agaçant - irritating
aléatoire - uncertain, random
ardu - arduous
chimérique - fanciful, imaginary, idealistic, utopic
complexe - complex
courant - common, current
déchirant - heart-breaking, gut wrenching
dégoûtant - disgusting
déprimant - depressing
déraisonnable - unreasonable
discutable - questionable, arguable
écoeurant - sickening, nauseating
ennuyeux,-euse - boring
épouvantable - horrendous, ghastly, atrocious
éprouvant - strenuous, punishing
étrange - strange
fastidieux,-euse - tedious, dull, tiresome
frustrant - frustrating, irritating
gênant - annoying
immonde - filthy, vile
impensable - unthinkable, unimaginable
impossible - difficult; impossible
improbable - unlikely
inadmissible - intolerable
inattendu - unexpected
loufoque - crazy, over the top
lourd - heavy/annoying
malaisé - difficult
malencontreux-euse - unfortunate
médiocre - mediocre
minable - seedy, hopeless, pathetic
pénible - difficult, tiresome; painful
pitoyable - pathetic
prosaïque - prosaic
quelconque - ordinary, mediocre
rebutant - off-putting, unappealing
répugnant - disgusting
ridicule - ridiculous

Yes ok but can y’all appreciate this Horikoshi sketch with me my dudes

We’ve got a Bakugo struggling to take Aizawa’s arm off of him


Explosively brawny


who scored a 5/5 in Power in the Official Character Book

is using all his strength to get Aizawa’s arm off of him

And there isn’t a single shaky line on Aizawa’s arm

That is all, thank you and good day

Then kiss me, Claire,” he whispered. “And know that you are more to me than life, and I have no regret.”
I couldn’t answer, but kissed him, first his hand, its crooked fingers warm and firm, and the brawny wrist of a sword-wielder, and then his mouth, haven and promise and anguish all mingled, and the salt of tears in the taste of him.
—  Abandawe, Chapter 62, Voyager

Hot Coach

He Was Hot In A Skin Tight Uniform When He Played, And Now That He Is The Linebackers’ Coach For The Texans, Mike Vrabel Is Still Sizzling!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

Overwatch Theory: Doomfist is still the new/next character in the lineup. It’s a massive, hulking suit (perhaps a cross between D.Va’s mech and Reinhardt’s armor?) that doesn’t let you see who is inside the suit. Terry Crews voices the suit, and Doomfist scares the living shit out of people. It sounds brawny, manly, and like a force to be reckoned with. If you’re in a fight with Doomfist, you better believe your ass is getting kicked.

However, Doomfist seems to be fighting for the good guys? Every tussle Doomfist gets into, it’s for the greater good. Overwatch, Talon, and everyone else in the OW universe is puzzled by what is going on, especially since Doomfist used to be a bad guy.

Somehow, someone (probably from Overwatch) catches the suit open and it’s revealed that little Efi is inside, trying to fight crime using her intelligence and the suit she built with all of her grant money. (Only bad thing she did was steal Doomfist’s gauntlet, but her suit wouldn’t be complete without it so a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.)

I always thought Neville would have made a better Hufflepuff - he’s brave in many ways (e.g. sticking up to the trio in the first book), but he strikes me as a more Hufflepuff-ish “loyal friend” kind of brave than a brawny, Gryffindor-ish kind of brave. To me, Hufflepuff is the perfect house for non-traditional kinds of bravery like Neville’s, while Gryffindor is more of a house for the traditionally show-offy, “jock”-ish kind of bravery (for lack of better words) like Harry’s.









(more screaming behind the cut)

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This one is not my own photoraphy, as the others.  But was taken by one of my media team staff members at the Grand Brony Gala and I felt like sharing it.  

Here, I was hosting a LARP event throughout the convention that I called “Empire Invasion.”  It was advertised on my YouTube channel, but the turnout wasn’t great.  Nevertheless, we had about twenty players when this picture was taken.  Since my friend had joined the game as a commander (indicated by red weapons, as opposed to the blue or green weapons which indicated the teams) while cosplaying as Princess Celestia, fifteen of the twenty participants for that day’s game chose to be on her team.  I was outnumbered three-to-one.

But be it far from me to shy away from a challenge.  I quickly briefed my team on formation, strategy and technique while the much larger Celestia team taunted us from across the field.  When I felt my team understood what to do, we started taunting back.  That’s when I noticed there was a very young player (probably ten-years-old).  And I got a little too in character.

“What kind of ruler recruits children into their ranks!?”  I shouted in my best Sombra voice.  "That is below even me…Tell me, young one, how high can you hold your shield?“  300 reference, good job.  But it needs to be more evil - I thought to myself.  "Can you raise it high enough to protect the sun?”  Getting closer.  But it still needs more evil.  "Can you bare the sun’s INCREDIBLE MASS!?“

This picture was taken as I stayed in character while internally remembering that I was addressing my friend on the other side of the field and shouting "TOO MUCH EVIL!!!” at myself for it.

To her credit, Celestia took it like a champ and used that to give her team as well as mine a very motivational speech.  

Unfortunately it didn’t help.  My strategy paid off and my team beat Celestia’s entire force in the first round with the loss of one.  Then again in the second round without any losses.  Then the third round it was down to only myself, Celestia and the aforementioned ten-year-old on her team.  Wherein the little bugger managed to sneak his sword right under my shield.

Two out of three isn’t bad, especially for being so horribly outnumbered.  But perhaps I shouldn’t have taunted them so.

I made the crown and sabatons myself from rivets and cold-rolled 22 gauge steel.  I made the sword and shield from PVC, pool noodles, plywood and EVA foam (as well as over sixty others like them in preparation for this game).  The rest of my armor is from Epic Armory.

Pregnant at the Museum

Imagine you’re in a museum where…everything comes to life at night! (yeah, yeah, bite me) You get lost and the staff closes the place so you’re stuck overnight! and a big, brawny, hairy caveman finds you and carries you back to his exhibit to be his mate. he breeds you very pregnant and you swell quickly in order to birth… but then the sun rises. and you’re full term with a big but inanimate neanderthal baby inside you. the guards find you trying to sneak out and you attempt to explain.

So you, rotund and full of wax caveman baby, are cast out by the museum staff and have to waddle to a bus stop to go home– if you’re female someone might give up their seat, but who would do that for a man “with just a beer belly”? And you know that you’ve got to sneak back inside that museum and stay there, hiding from the security guards and cameras with your huge pregnant gut, so you can birth once the sun goes down. And then of course… not get impregnated again…            

after birthing, you realize that it’s not just the caveman who’s horny. all the exhibits have to spend hours standing still and not getting off, and some are even locked in their exhibits behind bars or glass, and you realize the security guards never patrol alone–they just watch the cameras so they don’t get fucked. but you’re alone and can clearly be bred, and there are lots of lusty eyes upon you as you try to leave…            

Things I’m loving so far:

–Korra being all “Okay, now, I’m very protective, so stay close to me because it’s safe there” and Asami basically responding with “I want you so much right now I have been waiting literal years your brawny arms aren’t going anywhere out of my sight”

–Korra gets to drive the dragon-lizard-thing

–SWIMSUITS (and Korra’s midriff eludes the camera YET AGAIN the elusive fiend)

–That parrotfish thing I love it so much look at this guy here is a picture

“Hello friends I am here too I have a beak” I love him

–Asami: “You thinking what I’m thinking?” Korra: “SPORTS!” Asami: “…okay yeah sure I can do sports.”

–Let the grumpy spirit mountain SLEEP

–Of course Korra’s first date would almost end with the two of them getting killed how else would it go Asami once saved her from being killed by an arrow when they had a coincidental meetup they’ll be lucky if their wedding doesn’t get interrupted by a crashing comet or something

–Yes there’s a lot to love it’s Korrasami I’m finally getting an Avatar follow-up that says “The happy ending parts stay happy ending parts” come on give me this

Excerpt from 40 Rules of Love

A friendly voice yanked me out of my reverie. “Selamun aleykum, dervish!”

When I turned around, I saw an olive-skinned, brawny peasant with a drooping mustache. He was riding a cart pulled by an ox so skinny that the poor thing looked as if it could at any moment breathe its last.

“Aleykum selam, may God bless you!” I called out.
“Why are you sitting here on your own? If you are tired of riding that horse of yours, I could give you a lift.”

I smiled. “Thanks, but I think I could go faster on foot than with your ox.”

“Don’t sell my ox short,” the peasant said, sounding offended. “He might be old and frail, but he’s still my best friend.”

Put in my place by these words, I jumped to my feet and bowed before the peasant. How could I, a minor element in God’s vast circle of creation, belittle another element in the circle, be it an animal or a human being?

“I apologize to you and your ox,” I said. “Please forgive me.”

A shadow of disbelief crossed the peasant’s face. He stood deadpan for a moment, weighing whether I was mocking him or not.

“Nobody ever does that,” he said when he spoke again, flashing me a warm smile.

“You mean apologize to your ox?”

“Well, that, too. But I was thinking nobody ever apologizes to me. It’s usually the other way round. I am the one who says sorry all the time. Even when people do me wrong, I apologize to them.”

I was touched to hear that.

“The Qur’an tells us each and every one of us was made in the best of
molds. It’s one of the rules,” I said softly.
“What rule?” he asked.

God is busy with the completion of your work, both outwardly and inwardly. He is fully occupied with you. Every human being is a work in progress that is slowly but inexorably moving toward perfection. We are each an unfinished work of art both waiting and striving to be completed. God deals with each of us separately because humanity is a fine art of skilled penmanship where every single dot is equally important for the entire picture

nobody will give me back the time i spent doing this and i’ll probably regret it BUT THERE’S A LOGIC BEHIND THIS MESS OK

jooheon is usagi because: cute, chubby cheeks, very whiny, naive but adorable
minhyuk is obviously mars because: fiery temperament, likes to dropkick people, a flirt
hyungwon is mercury because: smart, usually quiet, sarcastic but cute, no lines, would probably use bubble spray tbh
hoseok is venus bc radiant beauty, the goddess of love, naughty
hyunwoo is jupiter because: tall, the parent friend, brawny, the gentle giant

bonus: kihyun as chibi usa bc pink hair, nagging, a brat and changkyun as tuxedo kamen because i say so (also, unnecessarily cheesy lines and a general sensation of wtf???)

somebody take photoshop away from me also take a moment to appreciate chibiusa!kihyun it’s my fave


Brawny, Beefy Men In Tights

I Could Watch Ben Tomasek Read The Phone Book…

Sexy As Hell, Baby!