Move a Mountain by ZainClaw

I have wanted to draw a fanart of that fanfic for so damn long ;u;!!!
how couldn’t I, I mean it’s just so damn perfect >u< and now I decided to reread it and draw one fanart for each chapter (i hope I’ll manage that :“D)

Thank you again Zain for writing this!! this will forever be one of my fave fics!

The Not-Quite-Normal but Still-Totally-Awesome OTP 30 Day Challenge

Day 1: On a Swing Set

And a very happy birthday to the one and only petals42, whose beautiful mind created this entire thing. We’re going to be doing this whole thing together, her writing, me drawing, and in a convoluted way of testing our theory that we have a long distance mind meld going on, we won’t know what the other did until we post, so strap in!

Results: Mind meld weak at best.


Isaac grinned, “great, so i’ll see you at eight.” 

you nodded and went back to your conversation with Lydia. Isaac walked over to the other two, “so, Y/N has the house to herself tonight which means we’re going to order pizza and watch movies. maybe something more. which means i dont need these movie tickets so you two lovebirds can go instead. enjoy the show.”


Isaac, Scott and Stiles requested

Okay but is there a specific reason why Stiles and Lydia haven’t discussed the kiss?

Because they were both obviously there. Stiles saw Lydia’s stunned expression the same way Lydia saw how in awe he was. Lydia saw how he looked at her like the sun just illuminated the whole room the same way Stiles saw that Lydia was the one to open her eyes last. And she got teary when he f*cking complimented her by saying “That’s really smart”.

We’re talking about his childhood crush here, right? A girl he’s been pining over for years and who just kissed him on her own iniciative and who has never, NEVER, dismissed his feelings for her. And she kisses him and he f*cking thanks her? And while looking at her like that? You just don’t erase something like that from your memory, okay?

So why haven’t they talked about it? Because to me it’s a pretty hard thing to ignore. And we know that, from 3x11 forward, their closeness just grew, so how were they able to even be in the same room as the other without thinking about that kiss? And don’t you give me the ’she kissed him for medical reasons’ argument because I might slap you. A genius would certainly find out better ways to help him hold his breath. She was just as surprised as he was with that kiss!

And lets not forget the trap and how she complimented him before he saved her in 3x14! Or - my personal favorite - the scene in his bedroom in 3x15. And after he tells her “Hey, Lydia. You’ve been right every time something like this has happened, okay? So don’t start doubting yourself now. (…) Look, Barrow was there, alright? You knew it, you felt it, okay? And look, if you wanted to, I’d go back to that school right now just to prove it”, if you tell me that Lydia is not thinking about kissing him right then and there, get out of my face!! And he knows, alright? He knows, right then and there, that deep down - and maybe not that deep - she has feelings for him. JUST LOOK AT THEM LOOKING AT EACH OTHER!!

At least to me, there’s no logical reason for them not to talk about it. It would have made things weird between them if they didn’t and that’s not what happened. So - and yes, getting way ahead of myself here - maybe they did discuss it and we just weren’t shown that. They are both smart, they are both mature. Lydia was with Aiden at the time and then came M.lia, so it just wasn’t the right time for them yet. Lydia probably needed more time to sort out how she felt for him the same way Stiles had to outgrow his crush to make way to something else, something more. Still, that doesn’t mean we should lose hope.

And the truth is that their friendship grew to be something beautiful, something I’m sure neither Stiles or Lydia ever expected. Even through S4 we see Lydia looking away from St.lia and not saying a thing about it right in 4x01 and Stiles still cares about Lydia, obviously. Like when he doesn’t want to leave her with baby Derek in 4x02, or how he’s there for her with Meredith in 4x06 [oh and btw Stiles, she was bleeding from her ear, not her lip] and how comfortable he is now pulling her to his embrace. And of course 4x09, when Stiles physically broke out of his handcuffs because he thought Lydia was going to die. And let’s just add 4x12 here for the “Not without Lydia” and, my favorite line from the finale, “My friends are in trouble. (…) They need me, I’m going for it. And yes, with a baseball bat.” And you can fight me on this, but to me Lydia was just letting us know that Stydia is still on the woks. All the reassurance that I needed, thank you very much!

While I can agree with most that S4 lacked - a lot of - Stydia scenes, I still think they unfolded, just off screen. There’s no way Stiles has been neglecting Lydia and they still work like that. They are literally like a married couple, they trust and care for each other even if, at least as it seems to us, they haven’t been spending much time together as of late. There has to be a reason why we were not shown more Stydia moments in S4, and the same goes for the talk about the kiss. And for the red string of fate, which is everywhere with Stydia, even throughout S4 (“It may stretch or tangle, but it will never break”).

I won’t blame the writers, not for all of it anyway, because I believe (hopefully not in vain) that there’s a bigger picture we haven’t seen yet. And we have to give it to them for creating one of the most beautifully developed relationship between two characters, who had a tremendous character’s development throughout the past four seasons, unlike any other I’ve seen in TV so far, and trust me, I watch a lot of shows. If Stydia is not OTP material, I don’t know what is!

In conclusion, I’m sorry for such a long post. I just wanted to express why I think there’s more to it than just two people kissing because that’s not what I saw. Actually, I intended to write two sentences and this happened, as per usual. I’m full of Stydia feels today and I need to know that someone else feels my pain because this f*cking ship is ruining me.

Dammit I just want more Stydia!