Peach Blossom - Peach’s Final Smash. Images of the princess border the screen and a rain of peaches falls. While this is happening, all the other characters fall asleep. So, Peach’s dilemma is this–does she eat the peaches to lower her damage, or does she smack around her dozing enemies? Take stock of the situation and choose the path that leads to victory.


Super Smash Bros. Evolution (Melee Brawl  Wii U)

↳ Princess Peach ⇾ Wink Taunt

“Peach spins around once. She then winks and points with her index finger in a somewhat bent posture.”

After SSBM the animation was mirrored and she now says “Uh-huh!”, instead of “sweet” (which is actually her Up-Taunt).

In SSB4, if Peach is facing left, she will wave instead of pointing her finger.