brawl hack


“Where…am I? This doesn’t look like Ylisse or even Plegia. Gods, where did my Shepherds disappear to!? Okay…I need to calm down. A leader never panics, right?

Halt! You there! Might you know where I–hold on…is that MY blade!? How can this be!? Unless…

There’s only one way to find out. Draw your sword and clash it with mine, stranger. They say you learn a lot more about a person in combat…which suits me fine.”

(Through the power of Brawl Hacks, Chrom has joined the fray of Brawl and Project M! May the tip be strong with him.)

In regards to the Touhou Smash dream

So it’s pretty clear that the western Touhou fandom is keen on making a Touhou Smash Bros type game and who can blame them? Smash Bros has proven to be popular among fighting games being hosted at major fighting game tournaments like Evo.

With how each game has distinct mechanics a lot of other people want to make their own take on it, like Rivals of Aether or (to an extent) Brawlhala. For Touhou we have seen one combine mechanics of Melee and Brawl hack Brawl Minus which use to be dubbed Touhou Super Smash Battles and now being molded into an original game Nansei Doujin Spirit and another one being made called Fantasy Crescendo ~ Rumble Dream Ensemble still being worked as a Touhou fan game aiming for a play style similar to Smash 4.

Though despite all this I can’t help but shake the feeling while we are asking for a Touhou Smash, the stuff being made right now might not be what we all want. This is gonna be a long spiel and it may feel like I’m being of a backseat designer (which I’m WELL AWARE goes nowhere) but it’s just my thoughts on the matter. I’ll also break it up into numbered segments if you want to skip a point.

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