Reblog if you’d wear your favourite goalkeeper’s jersey with pride.

This is to prove a point. 

I mentioned wanting a Buffon jersey, and my dad turned to me and went, “Why would you wear a goalkeeper jersey? Nobody cares about goalkeepers. It’s just stupid.”

I, myself, am a goalkeeper as well. And we don’t get enough appreciation, whether on lower levels, or professionally. If I made it professionally and someone wore my jersey, I’d be absolutely THRILLED. 

 I just don’t see why supporting your favourite player by wearing their jersey is any different when they’re goalkeepers.

UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who reblogged this and shared their opinion. I wound up getting a Buffon jersey for Christmas because my parents realized they were wrong and there’s nothing wrong with wearing a goalkeeper jersey, judging by everyone’s reaction to this. 😂❤

Aslında mutsuz olmam için hiç bir olay yok aksine çok güzel şeyler oluyor bu aralar ama yinede mutlu olamıyorum içimde hep bir şeyler kırık  ve dökük sanki bir şeyler yarım kalmış gibi hep o his orada  bir yerlerde duruyor.
AO3 Challenge

I have come to the conclusion that fanfic writers need more motivation and respect/love. So I have hereby pledged to do the 30 day AO3 Comment challenge. For the next 30 day, on every chapter of every fic I read I will comment. Be it a twenty-page essay or just the words bravo or kudos, I will comment. Even if it’s just something about how they worded a phrase or my favourite moment in the chapter, I will comment.  

This is for all those who feel like they never are noticed or that their work just isn’t ‘good’ enough. I’m here to tell you no. Your work is fabulous and we all love every word you craft with your keyboard, pen or pencil. 

Please never stop writing, because we’ll never stop reading.