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Well, guys, not so long ago I was planning to commission my fellow artists, and look at me now, going broke a little more with every bill I have to pay! So, I thought it’s time to open commissions (technically they were never closed, but I didn’t make any announcements, SO):

I am willing to draw for you! Pretty much anything (OCs, fanart, also animals - I’ll make a separate post about that) with the exception of robots and complex machinery and (very) industrial scenery. I AM WILLING to draw NSFW and kink art, but it is up to discussion. Tell me what you want, and I’ll tell you if I can do it :3



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10$ for Sketchy work without background + 2$ for each extra character.


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20$ for work that I will call Something More Elaborate for the lack of better term XD. Still sketchy but with background and simple colouring. +3$ for each extra character.


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20$ for Vector work with clean vector lines and flat colours, +4$ for each extra character.


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30$ for Digital Painting, full colour.+5$ for each extra character.

I accept PayPal payments (or cash!! XD). All characters are from 2/3 to full height. 

Heyo! waiting for your messages :3 Please reblog (it will add happiness to the world).

Here’s the full artwork that I used for my card ‘Aeon’ for Pacific Arcana - A Pacific Rim Tarot Deck (KICKSTARTER IS LIVE, GO GET SOME!)

“The Aeon is a mysterious card in the Major Arcana; usually associated with judgement and discernment, it is a card resonating with “indefinite periods of time,” a state of “variable mental being.” This card is to show that discernment and the power of the mind can transverse time and flux, ideas being more incorporeal and judgement being more just statements written on a piece of paper. “ 

It took me a while to decide upon what exactly I want to choose for this elusive card, but once I had this image of a Precursor, god-like to its Kaiju slaves, passing judgement on worlds, species, cultures, undisturbed by the passage of time, it was born very quickly, within mere hours. I wanted to show how perilously close humanity comes to its Judgement Day.

(I put it here without the frame)

“I wish this to be real. Let us be friends, Hermann! Let me know you.”

For iraya’s Arranged Royal Marriage AU! Stargazing in nighties (and extra layer for Hermann bby because it’s chilly <3) is one of the best ways to get acquainted with your new spouse ehehehe.

Idk why, but this AU gives me chills! (there is a strong possibility that it’s the fact that I dig king Newt. I dig it with an excavator


2013 art summary thingie!













ahahahah i wanted to do it in a pretty way, but I got lazy!!! sorreh :3

I think you can tell when I watched Pacific Rim ^^’ even thought I tried to include more than just fanart! 

All in all it doesn’t really look like I’ve improved all that much :c I had a feeling that I was drawing more this year than previously , but now that I look back, it doesn’t look like this!

But anyway, it was a lovely year for creating art, I got to try new styles and I joined a fandom that really inspired me to draw and write!