“…Hagrid was one of the bravest people Harry knew.”

and :) yet :) you :) decided :) to :) name :) your :) second :) child :) after :) a :) man :) who :) raised :) you :) to :) die :) and :) a :) man :) who :) treated :) you :) and :) all :) your :) friends :) like :) shit :) and :) wanted :) to :) fuck :) your :) mom :))))))

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kageie nsfw hc please

  • the “strongest and bravest” fighter of the Uesugi Clan has a lot of stamina
  • like 74883 stamina hearts 
  • loves to trace his finger over his partner’s lips and touching their tongue is a huge turn-on for him
  • makes them shudder whenever he touches them
  • because his fingers are cold af
  • but also because of what he can do with them
  • a lot of panting with haughty chuckles in between
  • a lot of sensual biting
  • “Good Girl”
  • best french kisses 
  • because he is good with his tongue
  • likes receiving oral as much as giving and isn’t shy/bashful about it at all
  • master of keeping a straight face 2 seconds after a quickie
  • there’s always this tremor in his panting when almost reaching climax
  • just laughs when his partner is already exhaused after the first round
  • That was nothing yet.
“People won’t watch the show if the cast is mostly POC.”






Okay seriously, I am living for these crossovers haha


This is gonna be my last crossover piece for a bit, cuz I wanna get back to doing my own stuff, but i hope you guys enjoyed those fake little screenshots!! :D